As the Government begins to put measures in place to ensure the health, safety, and security of the nation during the Coronavirus outbreak, we’ve been busy compiling a handy list of tips to help businesses navigate their way through the uncertainty.

From working from home hacks to business tips that’ll help refocus your marketing efforts, here’s just some of the advice we’re giving clients to help businesses continue to prosper.

Presentations and events can still go ahead, just get creative

With technology on your side group presentations and events can still go ahead, regardless of whether the country is on lockdown or not.

Tools like Facebook Live are easy to set up and allow you to hold an event from the comfort of your own home.

If you have the resources, filming and live streaming your content is another viable option. And here at PM, we can help that happen. Just get in touch with your requirements and we’ll sort out the rest.

Encourage staff collaboration with the right systems

Business can carry on as normal and staff can keep on collaborating when they’re equipped with the right tools.

Trello and Toggl Plan are two organisational platforms we use at PM to gain visibility on what people on our team are working on, offering opportunities for collaboration, so working together remotely can be done with ease.

Don’t waste time and investment by cancelling your meetings or presentations – think of alternative ways of delivering your content.

And get them communicating together too

Keep productivity and collaboration on the up while you’re away from the office with platforms designed to enable businesses to keep in touch, wherever staff are based.

Microsoft Teams, Skype, WebEx Meetings, Starleaf and Zoom are all viable options. We use Microsoft Teams and are loving it so far.

Set up gift voucher tech

Does your business offer gift vouchers? If not, why not?

Gift vouchers are a great way of bringing in revenue during a period of lowered footfall and don’t require an in-store visit.

They make perfect gifts and allow loyal customers to show you a little support.

Is it time you set up an online gift voucher system?

There are a variety of ways to set up gift voucher systems.

Craft a clear comms strategy

Communicating effectively and efficiently is key to maintaining your customer relationships, especially in times of crisis.

It’s time to craft a clear communication strategy using appropriate channels to get your message across – helping to put anxious minds at ease and reassure customers in times of stress.

Feel free to send us any drafts you may want checking – our content team are happy to help!

Top Tip: Use calm, professional language and keep the tone positive.

Evolve your thinking

Over the past four weeks, studies have shown that online sales have increased by 25% and social marketing activity has increased by 50% during the Coronavirus outbreak.

So, is your business doing all it can to drive traffic and sales through your website?

By re-focusing your efforts and thinking of ways to evolve your offer and message, your business can continue to prosper, despite the economic climate.

Have you thought of ways to utilise the web?

Don’t stop what you’re doing

It might not seem like it now, but at some point, the world will go back to normal. And so will your business.

Preparing for times of certainty is just as important as preparing for uncertainty and working on future plans now will avoid the recovery rush.

Have you started to plan for the light at the end of the tunnel? We can help if needed.

Whether you need a refocussed strategy, an informational animation, or a quick e-shot – we’re here.

Remember, this will pass. We’re here to help. Together, we will come out stronger.

Stay positive!

Let's get started.

Posted by Rachel Gascoigne