The question many business owners are now asking is ‘how do I communicate with my audience without coming face-to-face?’

The answer? Video.

Whether used to update customers on new lockdown procedures, educate staff about new ways of working, or as an effective sales tool now face to face contact isn’t possible, video is a powerful communication tool your business can harness both externally and internally.

Endless opportunities

While lockdown procedures have put a lot of video production on ice, the great thing about working with creative video agencies is that we’re very good (even if we do say so ourselves) at coming up with innovative solutions for getting around pretty much anything, and global pandemics are no exception.

So here’s a couple of things you can do to produce cracking video content without leaving your own four walls.

Repurpose existing content.

If you have a library of video assets, now’s the time to make more use of them! Re-edit your existing films to serve a new purpose with fresh messaging and music, all tied into a new edit. This allows a film to take on a whole new meaning and present an entirely new message, plus can all be done without ever leaving the house.

Recently, we helped aerospace manufacturer, Pattonair, recycle old video content with a fresh new edit.

The footage for this project already existed, but we carefully re-edited the film to create something completely new.

Repurposing content like this is a quick and affordable way of communicating your message when the ability to create new resources is tight.

Crowdsource your footage

It’s how most of the big brands began TV advertising in the initial 2-week lock-down, so why not try your hand?

If you have a customer or workforce base, get them to record their own videos for you to edit. It’s an honest and very human method of creating engaging video content at a time when you can’t get a professional camera out and about. What’s more, it’s a bit of a morale boost and people love it.

When we began working from home we had a go ourselves…

Using video in this way is a quick, cheap, and effective way of communicating, especially now. So, if you need to update your customers on new procedures or information, what better way to do it?

Use stock video

Stock video is fantastic way of getting rich visuals in front of your audience. There is an unlimited amount of stock video and animation ready for you to access and when chosen correctly, can help represent a ‘business as normal’ vibe.

Check out this stock-only example we created for peace organisation International Alert.

The right message, style and music makes the film hugely effective. And all without having get within 2 metres of anyone…

Try animation

If it’s not feasible to create actual video, then animation is a perfect way to keep telling your story.

There’s no human contact, no social distancing required, and in the words of Walt Disney: “animation can explain what the mind of man can conceive” – so, the world’s your oyster!

Animation is hands down the best way to keep fresh content in front of your audiences. After all, they are probably ready for something new and exciting after a lengthy period of lockdown… Use it to update your customers on new lockdown procedures, educate your staff about new ways of working, or as an effective sales tool now you can’t meet prospects face to face.

Find out more about how you can use animation to communicate here.

Adapting your message and the way it’s distributed

The rise in these remote production marketing campaigns is a promising indication of brand adaptability and the power that video can have in bringing audiences together.

As a tool, video is proven to drive traffic and increase conversions and in times like these, it’s proving to be a much-needed asset. Whether it’s used for a television advert, informational animation, or even a method of communication – video is a versatile and powerful marketing tool.

Remember, your audience is still out there, they’re just watching in a different location with less people around.

As the world returns to a ‘new normal’, businesses that stay silent risk losing touch. It doesn’t matter how you create video content – just get it out there!

For tips, advice or more information on how PM can help your brand utilise video in your current marketing, give us a call.

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