Company Background

A-Plant is one of the UK’s largest plant, tool and equipment hire companies and forms part of the second-largest equipment rental company in the world. More than just a plant hire company, it is multi-product specialist with a wealth of knowledge and experience in delivering solutions for a range of sectors. Enabling customers to focus on what they do best, A-Plant makes sure its hired equipment is fully-maintained, serviced and ready to work immediately, efficiently and safely.

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The Challenge

Health and safety is of paramount importance to A-Plant. The company ingrains a ‘customer first’ and ‘safety first’ culture throughout every aspect of the business. As part of its innovative initiatives to set industry safety standards, it has created an annual ‘Safety Week’.

The week ensures that everyone receives training, workshops, videos and guidance to help them understand the importance of safe working procedures. As a follow up to Safety Week, the A-Plant marketing team wanted a video to send staff and customers as a thank-you and celebration of this event.

Purpose Media approach

To make the film both engaging and personable, we recognised the need to focus on the A-Plant team. Because of this, the film comprised staff members explaining what safety means to them, helping to show the scale of Safety Week across a number of departments.

Through careful planning with A-Plant, we filmed several different venues at five locations over two days during Safety Week. During this, we had a fantastic time filming different A-Plant staff, who, from apprentices to senior management, were incredibly enthusiastic. 

The Outcome

Understanding that the video needed a tight turnaround to make the greatest impact on staff and customers, we achieved the goal of completing this project within a week.

As well as this, we were also able to create a fun outtakes reel to be used in conjunction with the main film, sharing the enthusiasm even further.

Having staff in different locations explain what Safety Week meant to them helped promote the scale of the company. It also reinforced the importance of safety in the workplace over a number of areas. The use of short and snappy editing kept the video engaging and fast-paced and the synchronised ‘work safe, home safe’ message helped portray a unified team.

The video has been promoted internally and externally to achieve the goal of setting safety standards and reinforcing the importance of safety across the business.

Client Testimonial

“Purpose Media has been a real pleasure to work with while supporting A-Plant on a number of short safety and promotional film projects.

“The creative input and technical implementation has been excellent but equally important, whoever was behind the camera or directing scenes on a shoot have been brilliant in cajoling and encouraging our employees in front of the camera. This has made every shoot a fun one to be on for all involved.

“What’s more, each and every film completed has been well received and I can’t ask for much more than that.”

Chris Nicholls, Marketing and PR Manager, A-Plant