Company Background was founded in 2003 as an online portal to provide golf insights from PGA professional John Lines. Over the years it has developed into a highly successful online golf store selling discounted golf equipment and accessories from leading golf brands such as Galvin Green, Callaway and Nike. Golfsupport also has a superstore outlet shop based in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire which opened in April 2009.

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The Challenge

The existing website had not been updated for a number of years and many technological and buyer behaviour changes had occurred. The challenge was to provide Golfsupport with a modern, fast performing website that customers could browse easily and use on any internet connected device such as a mobile phone or tablet. Many golfers now use their mobile to check out prices whilst browsing in other stores and on competitor websites so it was vital the new website improved sales by offering package deals and other point of sale promotions. Golfsupport also wanted to ensure their golf tutorial and TV channel had better visibility.

Purpose Media Approach

We reviewed their Google analytics and spent time with Golfsupport to understand the internal systems and processes that also had to integrate with the website. We then designed a website layout that matched the behaviour of their customer and made it easy to find the various brands and type of golf equipment or accessory they required. We ensured that product information was clear and any size or colour variants were easy to select.

We also liaised with Golfsupport’s in-house online marketing team to ensure the new website structure reflected the keyword of top selling products to maximise the chances of these products appearing highly in organic searches on Google.

The Outcome

Golfsupport has a web-based platform on which to manage its entire online ordering process which also integrates warehouse management software, accounting systems and stock control in a completely seamless process. We have set up a customer account management system that enables them to differentiate prices for trade and retail customers based on their discount structure. This also enables the delivery of tailored promotions such as their Golden Ticket promotion to specific customer groups. The new system has also helped Golfsupport improve the operation of its customer loyalty scheme which allocates points for a cash discount based on past purchase history.

  • The new website is faster, well designed and purchases are easy to make on any device. 
  • The golf tutorial section and TV channel is now very prominent, providing further added value to Golfsupport customers. 
  • The new now fully updatable website underpins the company ethos: Golfsupport – Where loyalty is earned – not expected!

Client Testimonial

“It was a pleasure to work with a team that not only understood e-commerce, but enjoyed golf as a hobby and were able to understand the difficulty of selling golf equipment online. They showed lots of enthusiasm for the project and their knowledge of how golfers buy their equipment has helped ensure the new website design and functionality will meet buyer expectations.”

John Lines, Owner, Golfsupport