Company Background

Pattonair is one of the leading aerospace and defence supply chain providers in the global market. The company help a number of blue chip businesses around the world with a range of products and services, particularly in the supply of c-class aerospace parts for engines, systems and airframes.

With over 40 years of experience in the industry, they offer scale, expertise and flexibility tailored to customer’s needs.

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The Challenge

The Pattonair team came to us with a range of projects and marketing resources that needed designing, as well as a rough idea of where they wanted to take the look and feel of the company. Our job was to create content that would evolve the Pattonair brand.

The key goal from a marketing perspective was raising the profile of the brand and creating a strong presence in the market place; something the team could be proud of.

Purpose Media approach

As with all our brand identity projects, originality is always key. We worked with Pattonair to create designs that stood out for the right reasons, while still staying true to their branding roots.

Our design team met with Pattonair to work on initial concepts, mock-ups and a final style. This design stage is always collaborative as we work closely with our clients to create brands that embody the values of their business.

For this project, we opted for bold, high-quality imagery and a fractal design that felt right for the brand.

The Outcome

The Pattonair team were delighted with the end product. The project not only delivered a strong brand identity, but also created designs that are completely different to their competition.

As well as delivering the end results, the team at Pattonair commented on the guidance offered throughout the process, to ensure that decisions were explained and considered carefully before moving to the next stage.