The Challenge

The initial brief was to build a fully functional website that would allow Kate to build her business online. She needed strategic advice and assistance to identify the most attractive target markets to generate enquiries and sales. The underlying objective was to create a scalable business and grow revenue whilst also retaining control of overheads, warehousing and distribution costs.

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Purpose Media Approach

Purpose Media created a brand identity and logo and used this to build the initial website and implement an effective online marketing strategy. There have since been continuous improvements and enhancements to the website based on the statistical data that has gradually been established.

The reporting tools that Purpose Media have provided enable Kate to track key performance indicators such as the number of visitors, how the visitor found the website, how long they viewed each page, and the number, and value of orders. This also enables the effective analysis of each route to market so that each can be monitored and adapted to deliver the desired results.


Kate now has a complete online marketing and sales infrastructure that links seamlessly to production, stock control, accounts and order fulfilment. This has enabled Kate to keep employee numbers at efficient levels and allowed investment in other systems and processes to drive further profitability.

Each year their website visitor traffic has increased by over 200% and turnover has increased by 50%. Profit margins have also gradually increased as economies of scale have driven a better return on investment.

The All-in-One-Company is currently ranked number one in the Google organic search results for most of their proven key search terms and words and they are now looking at new overseas markets and introducing multi-lingual versions of the website. These are some of the latest ideas proposed by Purpose Media to address seasonal peaks and troughs. This is seen as the ideal solution, as countries like USA and Australia have a common language combined with alternate seasons to their UK market.