brand film.

showcase who you are

video drives a 157% increase in organic traffic
increase in conversions when using video on a landing page
brand films increase brand recognition by 139%

Find it tough to explain what you do?

A brand film from PM is just the ticket.

Brand films help clearly communicate your message and personality, creating the right perception of your brand using captivating visuals.

Showcase your offer, tell your story, increase conversions.

What it includes...

Creative concept meeting
Storyboard and visual storyboard
Filming and edit
Exports in required formats

Why it's good for business...

Celebrate what makes you unique
Help customers identify with you
Promote your business
Increase conversions

Video the PM way

You’ve got a phone and a nephew that’s a whiz on movie maker, why the heck do you need to shell out for a film from us? Well, because we get the bigger picture, and your film doesn’t just need to look good – it needs to work for you.

We’ve got a whole team of experts who’ll have a look at your film, what you’re trying to achieve, and do their darn-tootin’ hardest to get it work for you, because we’re all about working together to get you more (and then your nephew can have more time with his real love, Call of Duty).

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