Ellie Buckle

Head of Digital and Strategy

Ellie Buckle is Purpose’s Head of Digital and Strategy, and helps drive impact and return on investment for all of our clients across the agency.

With over 8 years experience in digital agencies, Ellie Buckle specialises in organic and paid social media, content, search engine optimisation (SEO), Paid Media, digital marketing and strategy. Her strategic thinking, with a focus on outcomes and return on investment, has had her work featured on Wordstream and other industry blogs. You can read more of her work here. Ellie can be found collaborating across teams and providing strategic leadership and support our digital team, and the wider agency in campaigns, website launches, new products and getting stuck into anything digital related.

Ellie started her career in digital working for the NHS, supporting digital transformations in Cambridge She then going on to contract for multiple branches of the NHS and freelancing for global media sources, finally settling in a marketing agency.

In her spare time, Ellie is an advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and gender equality. Ellie is ordained (so she can marry people!) and has an undying love for Mexican food. 🌯  🌮

Ellie’s Social Media and community management work for the Best B2B Sector Social media Strategy at the Social Buzz Awards won best campaign in 2017.

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