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Make your business memorable with a brand that
stands out from the crowd

Branding at a glance.

Your brand is more than just your logo, tagline and design scheme. It encapsulates your customers’ total experience of your business.

Purpose Media can help you deliver memorable experiences to your customers. By carefully considering who you want to reach and the values you want to portray, you’ll be able to attract your ideal audience and take your business forward.

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Branding in detail.

When your branding captures your values, individuality and quirks, you’ll be the company that people think of first.

Even companies that do great business can fall by the wayside if their branding isn’t on-point, whereas an established brand brings a level of trust that can’t be replaced.

Branding isn’t a veil to hide the cracks.

It shines a spotlight on what makes you stand out.

Our award-winning in-house team of creative experts can help you recognise your strengths and values, and communicate them through your brand and marketing.

We take the time to help you understand what makes your business unique and capture that with your branding.

Customers relate to personalities and the best businesses know it. We’ll work closely with your team to highlight the values that spark emotional connections.

It isn’t about casting a wide net, but honing-in on the right audience for you.

Understanding what makes your company tick will help your customers and clients relate to you. Intelligent branding will communicate your values across all your content and campaigns.

By presenting your company professionally, and highlighting what makes you different, you’ll reach a new level of customer.

We can help you cut through the time wasters, and deal only with the customers who are right for your business, by adding clarity to your message.

We use technology and marketing to help you create memorable experiences for your customers.

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  • Attract your ideal customers

    Great branding should represent you and your customers. We’ll help you brand your company to appeal to your ideal audience, while staying true to your roots and values.

  • Make your business memorable

    When split-second judgments are used to choose one company over another, developing a memorable visual identity is crucial to your branding. Our award-winning creative designers know how to make you stand out.

  • Convey stability and trust

    A strong brand identity will convey the impression that you’re here to stay. Prospects will look to you as a trustworthy solution to their problem – which plays an important role in the price you can charge and the value you deliver.

  • Strong visual identity

    Established and familiar brands are more likely to be chosen over unknowns, so help influence that recognition and become a household name with your audience with a strong visual identity.

Pattonair launches stunning new marketing collateral

Pattonair is one of the leading aerospace and defence supply chain providers in the global market. The company help a number of blue chip businesses around the world with a range of products and services, particularly in the supply of c-class aerospace parts for engines, systems and airframes.

The Pattonair team were delighted with the end product. The project not only delivered a strong brand identity, but also created designs that are completely different to their competition.

Branding Services

  • Brochure design

    Streamline your sales pitch, improve brand recognition and deliver a valuable resource - all in one handy document.

  • Brand identity

    Become instantly recognisable and demonstrate what it means to work with your business by representing what makes your business stand out.

  • Brand guidelines

    Easy-to-follow guidelines to help you keep your message consistent and understand what makes your business inimitable.

  • Print

    Print design takes your branding offline and gives you marketing collateral your audience can put their hands on.

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