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Crisis Communications

In a world of instant online news and the viral nature of social media, a business faux pas can quickly get out of hand.

By working with experienced PR professionals, we can help you manage your crisis communications and quickly calm the storm.

If your business is hit by an unwelcome PR crisis, you need to think clearly and act fast. Without a contingency plan in place, you could soon find yourself in the public eye and on the back foot – and it’s a lot easier to damage your reputation than to build it.

It’s never part of the plan – and no business sees it coming – but it helps to have someone at hand who can add a positive spin, get your side of the story across and help you to avoid damaging your credibility.

As the old saying goes, there’s no such thing as bad publicity, only publicity handled badly. When managed in the right way, a PR crisis can be supressed and even reversed. Responding in the right way can actually help humanise your brand and attract positive recognition.

Our experienced team can handle your crisis communications and help you plan a response without burying your head in the sand. Whether you’ve been stung by a thoughtless tweet or misrepresented by an underhanded competitor, we can provide you with a lifeline.

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Safeguard against negativity

Despite the cliché, not all press is good press. When negative comments appear, we’ll help you deal with them in the right way – without appearing to be defensive or taking things personally.

Proactive steps to manage a crisis

If you know a problem is around the corner, we can plan proactive steps to put a positive spin on a negative issue – don’t leave your reputation to chance.

Media relations to rely on

Our PR team has a wealth of media relationships that can be called upon to help your business – we’ll work with reputable journalists who can turn a media crisis around.

Don’t be left to panic

When negativity comes out in the public eye, the last thing you need to do is panic. We’ll advise you on the best way to represent your business in a crisis situation.

Source of ad-hoc advice

If you aren’t sure how to respond, ask us. Our PR and marketing experts will help you represent your business in a positive light, even when responding to negativity.

Experienced in media emergency

It might be rare, but it does happen. Our PR team has dealt with numerous cases of crisis communications to help businesses keep their message on the right track.

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