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PR isn’t just about ‘send it and see’ – we develop long-lasting relationships with media contacts to secure the best coverage for our clients.

Journalists want to deal with reliable sources that they trust.

We’ll help develop the media relationships that enable your business stories to get picked-up time and time again.

Developing long-lasting media relationships is key to an effective PR strategy. Our team has years of experience building partnerships with trusted media contacts to give your news release a cutting edge.

By working consistently with trusted contacts, we’ll help build your reputation as a reliable source for quality stories. Writers and reporters are always looking for dependable sources to quote, but who they contact first will rely on solid media relations.

Developing relationships therefore means regular exposure that legitimises your work and enhances your business reputation.

It’s also a lot easier to lose goodwill than to win it back. By being courteous, respectful and providing quality content, we’ll help grow your media reach and encourage journalists to seek you out.

With diverse experience as newsroom journalists, our team knows the difference between persistent and pushy. We’ll deal with media contacts in the right way, so that your business is first on their list.

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Build long-term media relationships

PR is a long-term solution. By consistently delivering quality news releases and timely comment, you’ll gain a reputation as a reliable source ahead of your competitors.

Have journalists reach out to you

When reporters can depend on your consistency, they’ll take proactive steps to reach you. This means you’ll be first in line for commenting on topical industry news.

Increase visibility in media

Better relations inevitably lead to better coverage. If you can become an authority in your industry, journalists will repeatedly come to you for expert comment.

Control of your narrative

By developing relationships with journalists, we can communicate your key messages so you have greater control of your narrative – placing emphasis where you need it.

Guaranteed level of coverage

You may not have a ground-breaking story to share, but good media relations will lead to opportunity to comment – as colour to other industry stories and to demonstrate expertise.

Third-party endorsement

Having other people share your success carries a weight of authority that you can’t otherwise offer. Third-party endorsements help you get the limelight with an even greater impact.

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