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Disciplines Utilised: Brand Content Design Digital PR Video Web Design

Pattonair have almost 50 years’ experience handling mission-critical parts for aerospace and defence manufacturers. Trusted suppliers of industry heavyweights including Rolls-Royce, Airbus and BAE systems along with smaller engineering organisations and original equipment manufacturers.

Working regularly with over 2000 customers they employ over 1000 staff and are rapidly expanding operations across the globe. They approached Purpose Media to create brand collateral and support their communications and marketing strategy.

PM were tasked with supporting a small internal marketing team to develop coherent messaging for their audience and working this into campaigns for engaging customer experiences, with a commercial objective.

In addition key resources, such as an updated web presence, and numerous brand assets were also required. The aim is to deliver a multi-channel approach with strategic thinking to grow awareness of the brand, boosting recruitment and supporting sales among both direct customers, original equipment manufacturer and the wider supply chain.

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Seizing the opportunity to grow their presence, Pattonair needed a toolkit to communicate what they were good at, while staying ahead of competition and avoiding a clunky product-driven narrative.

From identifying their customers, focus has been on building consistency across collateral and raising brand awareness and understanding of the problems Pattonair solve for key personas.

To achieve that, Pattonair partnered with Purpose Media to:

  • Create a new brand message and communication strategy
  • Design a fully responsive website to share products and services
  • Increase brand awareness and engagement
  • Support offline collateral for events
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Our team absorbed industry knowledge to understand problems and frustrations end users experience, and appreciate how Pattonair can solve these problems, ensuring they become the ‘supplier of excellence’. To reach a high level of understanding research was two-fold, with the client and the end consumer.

The team visited the manufacturing base in the Derbyshire to understand the level of expertise involved in manufacturing and testing Pattonair’s equipment.

Conversations with the team at Pattonair also supported our understanding of regular discussions they had with their customers, including frequent questions and common problems. We attended internal and external presentations and conferences to appreciate their approach.


On completing research, we worked on creating a customer journey to help users understand how Pattonair help them. This included persona profiling and audience segmentation, to adapt user flows to achieve the highest impact.

To ensure we continue to deliver value to Pattoinair, our approach includes an ongoing strategy, developed in partnership. Purpose Media act as an integrated marketing department, offering the support of a multi-disciplined team able to respond quickly to the ever-changing demands of a fast-paced global brand.

Pattonair access a clear roadmap of activity, complete with targeted outcomes supported by the ability to scale up activity when required.

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web development.

Pattonair had an outdated web presence when we started work with them, with users being directed through complex product led content, making it difficult for customers to find the information they needed.

Purpose Media developed a fully responsive website, built around their customer journey, to deliver a positive user experience and drive engagement with the brand. The website can be used as a hub for marketing activity, where multi-channel campaigns point users towards the site to drive engagement.

content strategy.

We are working with Pattonair to develop a content strategy to assist in bringing their brand message to the forefront, both online and offline.

This includes regular PR content to show Pattonair as industry leaders and showcase their passion for quality and service, along with a commitment to the local community.

Regular contact with the team at Pattonair ensures we were aware of changes and developments within the organisation and the wider industry, to ensure we could take advantage of any PR opportunities to promote the brand. PR work also involves cultivating relationships with industry publications to identify opportunities and supply representatives for quotes when required.

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Along with their digital presence Pattonair need to establish themselves offline. We design printed materials so that Pattonair can physically connect with their customers and build a consistent brand image. When utilised at trade shows and exhibitions, print collateral helps Pattonair reach their target audience with direct impact.


Film content supports Pattonair in showing their audience the quality of products and how they benefit end users. Proven to increase understanding and engagement, video production provided Pattonair’s audience with information that explained their products with clarity, capturing attention and strengthening relationships.

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Implementation a strategic approach across multi-channel campaigns is transforming Pattonair’s presence, both offline and online.

Assets developed have been adopted globally and our work with Pattonair is ongoing as we work in partnership to evolve their message and promote this exciting business to the world.

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