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Disciplines Utilised: Animation Content Design Digital PR

Constantly pushing to innovate and transform the transport space, now and in the future, Rivus Fleet Solutions source, manage and service LCV fleets for UK businesses.

Working as an extension to logistics, Rivus Fleet Solutions offer a comprehensive end-to-end service in fleet management.

Rivus Fleet Solutions wanted to increase awareness of their brand and service offering following a split from their parent brand, BT. They approached Purpose Media to deliver their marketing aspirations, starting with improving their regional, national, and industrial presence.

The result has seen the delivery of a multi-channel approach, overall growth and new business opportunities.

Disciplines utilised

  • Digital PR
  • Content
  • Video
  • Design
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Rivus Fleet Solutions needed to position themselves as the go-to brand for fleet management solutions, highlighting their capability to offer a unique end-to-end service compared to their competitors.

We supported Rivus Fleet Solutions to achieve this by coordinating an external communications strategy to help them communicate their services, drive brand awareness and position them as thought leaders within the fleet management industry.

To achieve that, Rivus Fleet Solutions partnered with Purpose Media to:

  • Coordinate both a strategic and reactive digital PR strategy
  • Increase brand awareness and credibility within the industry
  • Create a new tone of voice and strapline for their EV service offering
  • Develop a targeted content-driven SEO strategy
  • Measure, track and improve marketing delivery
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Understanding Rivus Fleet Solutions’ market, audience, and goals were the first steps – supported by key team members to get a full appreciation of the business scope and business future.

In a competitive service-led market, it can often be difficult to differentiate business offering. Therefore, we held a discovery session to review what Rivus Fleet Solutions did and how we could build on that further.

As a breakaway business starting out during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, the window of opportunity to promote the new brand identity and push service offering. Rivus Fleet Solutions’ is the only fleet management provider to offer a full end-to-end service, and this was not widely recognised.

We recognised that the Rivus Fleet Solutions team were passionate about providing innovation and expertise for their clients and wanted to demonstrate that to boost brand credibility.


On completing research, the Purpose Media team worked to create a thought-leadership led communications strategy for the Rivus brand.

An ongoing strategy developed in partnership with Rivus Fleet Solutions, Purpose Media manage their full content marketing portfolio, offering the support of a multi-disciplined team for both visual and written aids.

This allowed for the creation of a clear roadmap of quarterly activity, driven by Rivus Fleet Solutions business and marketing objectives.

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digital pr.

A key objective that Rivus Fleet Solutions had was to increase brand awareness by demonstrating thought leadership and knowledge in the fleet management sector, and to the wider mass media.

To support this, we created a full Digital PR strategy, with both proactive and reactive media commentary. We focussed on new innovations surrounding electric vehicles and sharing these insights on key awareness days.

We worked with Rivus to identify key spokespeople and messaging so we could be ready for any reactive commentary in the news. In addition to this, we were proactive in identifying opportunities for Rivus to talk to their target audiences on awareness days such as Clean Air Day and Zero Emissions Day.

We worked with Rivus to support the launch of a new Operational Fleet Insight Report in conjunction with the AA. We liaised with journalists and arranged face-to-face interviews to tell the story of the report’s findings, as well as Rivus’ outlook for the future of electric vehicles. It was important to build media relationships within the industry so Rivus could be ahead of the game in getting their research and comments out in the public domain to show them as thought leaders.

content strategy.

As part of their strategy to be positioned as innovate market leaders, we worked with Rivus Fleet Solutions to create a tone of voice pack for their electric vehicle service offering, as well as a strapline and content strategy to assist in increasing their brand awareness and pushing their forward-thinking operations.

To support the Digital PR strategy, we also worked with Rivus Fleet Solutions to create fresh website copy, plus a content plan with regular blogging to help depict them as industry leaders, with insights on fleet management and the partnership that they offer. This keyword driven content helps boost Rivus Fleet Solutions in Google search, working towards an awareness, conversion, engagement model.



visual content.

To help Rivus Fleet Solutions stand out from the crowd at major trade shows, Purpose Media designed a variety of sales materials including video, animation, and brochures.

A brand sales video was created to showcase what Rivus Fleet Solutions’ do and deliver key marketing messages to target personas, encouraging them to consider working with Rivus Fleet Solutions. This was further supported with a two-minute animation to both inspire and educate about Rivus’ ‘Electric Vehicle as a Service’ offering.

These videos were utilised at trade shows, sales meetings, and internal inductions alike.

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Implementation of the communications strategy through written and visual content, as well as Digital PR work, has boosted Rivus Fleet Solutions’ presence within the fleet industry. The brief to raise brand awareness was achieved by planning and executing content in a timely manner both on-site and externally.

Rivus has been covered in leading industry publications including Fleet News and Fleet World (as well as their electric-focussed outlets), for their commentary and research on the future of electric vehicles. There is an improved understanding in the media as to who Rivus are and what they stand for, and work is continuing to be done to drive their key messages to help influence the fleet market.

Digital PR efforts also helped put Rivus on the map locally, by getting them noticed in regional publications for a major awards win and announcing business growth through new site openings. Localised PR has supported Rivus build awareness in locations to attract new talent and drive business.

Work with Rivus Fleet Solutions is ongoing as we collaborate with the team to develop new campaigns and strategies as the business continues to transform and grow. There are many exciting plans lined up for 2022 and we are excited for the challenges that lie ahead.

“It’s been a real pleasure so far to partner with the Purpose Media team and just feels like we’re one team all working towards the same goal – to make Rivus a great brand! They have really gone the extra mile to get things done, often at tight timescales, and have certainly delivered so far on everything we set out to achieve.” – Nicola Morgan, Group Marketing Manager at Rivus Fleet Solutions