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May 2, 2024
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Big news from Google on third-party cookies, LinkedIn testing Premium Company Pages and X considering fees for new account users … there’s lots happening in the digital marketing sector. 

Our latest round-up covers everything you need to know, all in one place. Let’s dive in! 


Company pages on LinkedIn can see if you viewed their page  

A notification has recently popped up for certain users, asking if they’d like to ‘Allow Pages to see that you visited’.  

Thankfully, this feature requires users to opt in, and if they do, it will give companies access to know who has visited the page (and how often).  

LinkedIn is testing Premium Company Pages 

In line with its premium offering, LinkedIn is launching a subscription for Premium Company Pages to help make Pages stand out and convert more.  

All admins of the Page with a Premium Company Page subscription can use the premium features, which include: 

  • Custom call-to-action (CTA) buttons  
  • Who’s visited my Page – like Premium individual members, Company Pages will be able to get a listing of people who’ve visited  
  • Auto-invite engaged members to follow the Page 

It is worth noting that this subscription is separate from other LinkedIn Premium Subscriptions, such as LinkedIn Premium Business.  

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LinkedIn is rolling out a verification badge for recruiters 

In the hope of addressing the rise of recruitment scams and spam outreach, recruiters can now confirm their identity to get a new in-stream badge to confirm who they are.  

Once confirmed via LinkedIn Recruiter, users (with a Project Creator licence) will see a badge appear on their profile and InMail messages showing that they’re verified.  

LinkedIn’s video feed test 

LinkedIn is testing a dedicated short-form video tab on the iOS app, replacing the ‘My Network’ tab on the navigation bar for select users.  

By tapping on the tab, users will find themselves directed to a vertical, full-screen feed of short-form videos that they can scroll through. This appears similar to other short-form video experiences, allowing people to comment, like and share, as well as view the full post caption via ‘See More.’  

If rolled out, this new update could allow users to explore and interact with video content from creators, thought leaders, educators, and marketers across the platform. 

Instagram glitch temporarily erased millions of followers from accounts 

For those who logged in over the weekend of April 27-28th, they may have noticed a drop in the following count in the app. 

As confirmed by Instagram chief Adam Mosseri, there was a technical issue, which the team has now rectified in the back end of the app. 

New features added to Instagram Reels 

Users will now be able to tweak the editing of uploaded video clips, audio, stickers, and text overlays all on the same screen, instead of having to do so in separate steps. 

Stills shared by the company show a timeline editing feature like TikTok, which helps when lining up audio and video clips and makes transitions smoother. 

Instagram users will also have a new way to find trending videos. A new Reels page gathers hashtags and songs that are trending on Instagram, along with how many videos use that particular audio.  

Users can then save the audio for later or apply it to their own video directly. 

Instagram’s Profile Notes are coming to all users  

Notes on user profiles will soon be displayed, providing another way to engage by letting others know what people are up to or thinking.  

Those who are connected can also leave notes on friends’ profiles to prompt interaction. 

Along with this, Instagram has confirmed that its new ‘Cut Out’ sticker option is now available to all users. This option enables users to create stickers from entities in photos and videos. 

X looks at one-off fee for new accounts  

For those looking to set up a new account, X is considering charging a one-off fee for new users to try to combat the increase in bot traffic. 

Elon Musk noted that users will be able to create an account and browse the app for free, but if users wish to interact, they’ll need to pay (or hold off for three months when new accounts will then be able to interact for free).   

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Google delays cookie phase-out again 

Google has once again delayed the deprecation of third party cookies, as it works to meet the requirements of the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA).  

The CMA has raised various concerns about how the move will impact the broader digital marketing industry, and Google’s competitors in the space. 

As a result, Google has announced that third party cookies will not be removed by the end of the year, as previously planned. 

Meta Integrates Google and Bing search results into AI assistant 

Meta’s AI assistant, powered by the new Llama 3 model, will now incorporate real-time search results from Google and Bing. 

The Llama 3 AI chatbot is now operational in the search bars of its four major apps (Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp) across multiple countries, enabling users to ask Meta AI questions, including writing or recipe suggestions. 

This integration marks a step forward in AI assistant capabilities and their potential impact on the search industry. 

Meta has begun testing DMs on Threads  

Meta launched a new live test of DMs on Threads, with some users seeing a new ‘message’ CTA button on Threads profiles. 

However, be aware that any DM message won’t go to a Threads inbox but to the Instagram inbox instead.  


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