We believe that marketing can’t succeed in isolation.

Successful marketing takes a collaborative community of creative and technical minds to generate ideas, make them happen and make them work.

People make purpose.

Account Director

Jamie Bourn

Technical Director

Tim Lenton

Creative Director

Claudio Davanzo

Marketing Director

Katrina Starkie

Managing Director

Matt Wheatcroft

Account Manager

Andy Young

Account Manager

Georgina Staley

Sales Executive

Liam Brown

Project Manager

Lewis Angell

Studio Manager

Neil Rushton

Project Manager

Seb Wilson

Head of Digital

Mitch Brown

Head of Design & UX

Danny Painter

Head of Video

John Starkie

Content Writer

Rachel Gascoigne


Josh Donnell

Senior Designer

Alan Chaffe

Videographer & Photographer

Tom Mumford

Animator & Editor

Lyon Owen

Office & Events Manager

Sam Wheatcroft


Ollie Henderson


Jacob Sanderson

Digital Marketing Apprentice

Olly Torrance


Paul Race

Finance Manager

Hayley Manchester

Claudio Davanzo

"During my career, I’ve been exposed to great talent and met many great people from whom I’ve learned so much and I’m still learning from. So proud of this team!"

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Our ethos.

Our priority is to make a meaningful difference to your business through strategy, your communications and your brand.

We’re an enthusiastic team with a collaborative approach that’s beyond agency and client, we evolve ideas, together. It’s exciting, it’s challenging, and it works.

A productive space makes exciting marketing.

Our space means we work collaboratively and creatively.

That’s how we achieve and deliver more.

Not chained to our desks. Not working in cubicles. In the end, we achieve more together.

We’re different. no, seriously, we are.

We look at the world through the eyes of customers to develop a strategy, delivered through multiple channels and disciplines.

Vision. Strategy. Delivery.

An extension to, or complete marketing team for your business.

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Take a look at this for a BTS pic! 📽️ Our video team are busy filming some incredible scenes at the Peak District for a project we're working on for Invest in Derbyshire 🌲 Absolutely stunning - great work guys 💪

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We're doing a little bit of research today, genning ourselves up for a new project! We find it incredibly useful to pick up a book and read about our sectors 📚 It allows us to not only enrich our minds, but also come up with new solutions to client problems 👍

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A study from the Aberdeen Group found when using video, 81% of businesses saw an increase in sales and 53% said support calls were reduced 😱 We create video that considers your wider business objectives and delivers value. Fancy finding out more, get in touch! 📽️

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Marketing is everywhere, which means upping your communications is more crucial than ever 💪 Our latest blog explains why it's time for you to up your communications - and with a new year underway, there's never been a better time! Check it out, link in bio 🔗

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Collaboration is key, which is why we strive to work better by working together 💪 Focusing our minds on the same problem helps us to come up with an effective solution that works! We accomplish more together than we can alone 😄

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The lull between Christmas and New Year can sometimes be a bit of weird one. It often has us wondering, 'what day is it?' and 'why are we still in our pyjamas?' 👀 So instead, why not make the most of this time by starting to think about upping your marketing in 2019? 😃 Get in touch with PM to see how we can help you boss it the new year! 👍

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