Digital marketing roundup – February 2024

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February 29, 2024
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It’s a new month and, with things in the digital sector changing frequently, we know it can be difficult to keep up with the latest social media trends and marketing tool developments. But don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.  So, let’s dive into what’s new. 

X has announced a new option for advertisers 

X has introduced Creator Targeting, a new option for advertisers aimed at enhancing video ad targeting.  

This feature allows advertisers to run ads against a curated list of premium content creators and will be available in X’s Ads Manager – the platform’s self-serve campaign management system. 

Advertisers using Creator Targeting can select specific creators against whose content they want their messaging to appear. Additionally, X will enable the serving of ads exclusively on the profile of individual creators, rather than on the main timeline. 

Universal Music Group has pulled all its songs from TikTok 

If you’re discovering videos with missing audio on TikTok it could be as a result of Universal Music Group’s decision to pull its songs from the platform, with recordings by Universal artists being deleted from TikTok’s library.   

Any existing videos that used music by these artists have now had their audio muted entirely.  

TikTok is looking to get more people searching in the app  

TikTok is encouraging users to download a dedicated TikTok Search shortcut that can then be added to their device’s Home Screen, making it easier to discover content without navigating through the app.  

The new shortcut aims to enhance the search experience on TikTok, especially for users seeing quick access to relevant content.  

Search is already a big deal on TikTok, with many young users, in particular, now regularly looking for answers in the app, according to research by Social Media Today. 

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Threads expands saved posts to all  

After previously testing, Threads is now rolling out its new ‘Save’ post option to all users, allowing users to save and revisit posts at a later stage. 

To save a post on Threads, tap the three-dot menu. You’ll be able to see the posts you’ve saved in Settings. They will then be available in your profile menu options, similar to how you access your saved posts on Instagram. 

Google tests ‘Forum’ in search bar 

Google is testing the addition of ‘Forums’ as a new menu item in its search bar, enabling users to filter search results for forums such as Reddit, Hacker News and others on the internet. 

Over the past year, Google has been placing more focus on discussions in search results, aiming to make the SERP more dynamic and prioritise user-generated content. 

Additionally, Google is testing the ability to search specifically for web results, similar to how users can filter for video results, image results, etc. 

Instagram is testing Carousel posts within the Reels stream 

This development will allow users to post multiple videos and/or still images in a single Reels post.  

Carousel posts could be a handy addition, providing new options to showcase products and more through expanded storytelling and display within the Reels stream.  

Instagram is testing new limits on how many hashtags you can add to posts 

The number of hashtags that some users can add to their posts has been limited to five allowed per update. 

This change follows Meta’s recent imposition of limits on the number of tags you can add per post on Threads 

Instagram adds new ‘People You Follow’ filter for DMs 

Instagram has added a new DM filter option for creators, enabling them to filter their inbox to only messages from profiles that they follow in the app. 

This new filter allows users to prioritise DMs from profiles they’ve selected, making it easier to focus on personal connections. 

Instagram tests options to create AI backgrounds 

Instagram is testing new sticker options for feed posts and Stories, including an AI ‘Backdrop’ sticker, which enables users to replace the background of any image. 

It works by identifying the main focus element of the image, then separating that from the background, so that you can replace it with another, generated option. 

This feature could provide new opportunities for marketers to create more engaging content or tap into trending themes quickly.  

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LinkedIn is introducing new networking features  

LinkedIn is rolling out a new two-tab experience when you visit your Network Tab: Grow and Catch Up to help you find the right people to connect with and begin conversations.   

The Grow tab helps you manage existing connections and find new people to add.  

The Catch Up tab enables users to access missed updates and engage with relevant content, such as starting a new job, celebrating a work anniversary, announcing that they are hiring, or even celebrating a birthday.  

LinkedIn has launched a new Media Planning API aimed at agency partners 

This new API will provide data directly sourced from LinkedIn’s platform to assist in strategic campaign planning. It will empower marketers and agencies to make informed decisions on media mix, timing and frequency to maximise ROI and drive measurable results. 

Now, when planning a brand campaign on LinkedIn, the Media Planning API allows agencies to see the forecasted reach and frequency of brand campaigns before spending any budget, demonstrating the value of proposed advertisements with tangible results.  

By having more information, you can build your strategy using real-time data signals that provide you with a better picture of likely reach, ROI, and more.  

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