Digital marketing roundup – March 2024

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March 28, 2024
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Trying to keep on top of the constantly changing digital landscape can by a challenge for even the most passionate marketeer – but don’t worry, Purpose Media has got your back. 

Here’s our round-up of the latest key developments. 


Google integrates social media posts into Google Business Profiles  

Google has introduced a feature that automatically displays social media posts, from platforms like Instagram and Facebook, directly on Google Business Profiles (GBP). 

After expanding access to add social profiles back in October, Google has now added a new section within its business listings in Search, which displays recent social media posts from your connected profiles. 

According to a Google help page, businesses that have associated their social media links with their GBP may now find their social media posts automatically surface on their profiles. 

Spotify MusicVideos
Spotify is adding music videos in-app and via desktop in some countries 

Music videos are being added to Spotify’s mobile and desktop apps in some markets.  

They are tightly integrated with the company’s music library, allowing users to seamlessly switch between audio and music videos. But, it does require an active premium subscription, with free users having to head over to YouTube to watch.  

[image credit: Spotify] 

YouTube launches AI disclosure requirements 

YouTube is expanding its disclosures around AI-generated content with a new element within Creator Studio. Creators will now have to disclose when they upload realistic-looking content that’s been made with AI tools. 

Creators will be required to check the box when the content of their upload ‘is altered and seems real’ to avoid deep fakes and misinformation via manipulated or simulated depictions. 

Once the box is checked, a new marker will be displayed on your video clip, letting the viewer know that it’s not real footage. 

These new rules do not cover AI-generated scripts and production elements. Additionally, ‘unrealistic content’ such as animation, colour adjustments, special effects, and beauty filters will still be safe to use without the new disclosure. 

Google’s March 2024 core update has begun its roll out

The latest core update is all about improving the quality of search results. It aims to show less content that feels like it was made to attract clicks and more content that people find useful.  

Enhanced core ranking systems 

Google is making changes to multiple core systems to better measure what it deems helpful content, rather than relying on one system. This is a continuation of Google’s aim of showing content that’s helpful to users, especially amidst the challenges caused by the rise of modern AI tools. 

Extended rollout 

Due to the complex update, the rollout may take a month to complete, as it involves modifications to multiple core systems. 

New spam policies 

To combat shady practices, Google has introduced three new spam policies: expired domain abuse, scales content abuse and site reputation abuse, along with a new March 2024 spam update. It’s worth ensuring your content aligns with Google’s spam policies, as violating these may result in a dip in rankings or even disappearance from Search results. 

How does this affect you? 

It’s worth paying close attention to your analytics and rankings over the next couple of weeks, as you could expect some fluctuations in rankings as Google fine-tunes its systems. 

What to do if your site is impacted 

If you’ve felt the impact of the recent update, our team of digital experts can help identify the issue and create a roadmap for recovery. 

If you’re creating satisfying, user-centric content, you’re already on the right track 

However, we always recommend reading and evaluating your content against Google’s ‘Helpful Content Guide’ to ensure you’re creating helpful and reliable content. 

Industrial Style
Instagram launches Ads with promo codes to entice purchase activity 

Instagram has launched its new ‘Ads with Promo Codes’ option to all brands globally, providing another consideration for IG campaigns. 

Instagram advertisers can entice potential shoppers with promo codes listed in the caption, which can then be applied in the checkout process – as seen in the image below. 

Instagram tests 3-minute-long Reels 

Some users are now able to create longer Reels of up to 3 minutes, an increase from the current 90-second videos. 

Instagram has been experimenting for some time, with 10-minute uploads also being rumoured to be tested, but this is the first time that it’s been seen in live testing. However, you can only use pre-recorded videos as longer Reels uploads, as opposed to capturing them via the Reels camera. 

Instagram is testing the option to comment on specific frames within a Carousel 

Instagram is testing a new feature allowing users to comment on specific images within carousel posts. Some users can now link their reply directly to a photo or video by referencing its assigned number in the display.  

For instance, if you wish to comment on the second image, you would write “@2” followed by your comment. 

This could enhance focused engagement and encourage more interaction around each element, while also reducing confusion when commenting on carousel posts. 

Instagram has announced some new DM features  

As Instagram works to enhance messaging usage in the app, it has added message editing to enable you to update your DM for up to 15 minutes after sending.  

Users will also be able to pin up to three chats to the top of their DM inbox, so they can more easily access their most important discussions. 

The app also adds read receipts for all DM chats or specific threads and new chat themes to customise your engagement. 

LinkedIn looking to add gaming to its platform 

LinkedIn is hoping to implement puzzle-based games into its platform to retain and attract users with an engaging gaming experience.  

It is rumoured that one idea that LinkedIn appears to be experimenting with involves player scores being organised by places of work, with companies getting ‘ranked’ by those scores. 

Currently, LinkedIn hasn’t released the line-up of games but has floated brain teasers, puzzles and multiplayer challengers all as possibilities.  

Hootsuite has released an updated social media image size guide for 2024 

Hootsuite has released an updated social media image size guide, covering all social media platforms. You can download this here. 

Our Q2 content calendar is now out 

To help you begin planning your next three months, our calendar is filled with marketing tips, key dates, engaging post ideas, and plenty of space to plan your content.