Helping a global advanced manufacturing business continue its growth

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March 1, 2024
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Marketing experts from Purpose Media are helping a leading advanced manufacturing business to increase awareness and grow market share in key territories across the globe.

True Refrigeration supplies its cutting-edge commercial refrigeration products into 100 different countries and enlisted Purpose as a partner to further build brand understanding and engagement and to support its sales teams in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Australia.

The company had a great story to tell.

Established in the US at the end of World War II by returning serviceman Bob Trulaske, it grew quickly, landing big-name customers such as Coca-Cola and 7Up and expanding first into Central American and Caribbean markets and, later, thanks to its reputation for innovation, efficiency and quality, establishing a footprint worldwide.

But, despite its success, the still family-owned business knew there was opportunity for even further growth in the EMEA region if it could effectively communicate the value of its proposition to more potential clients.

Over the past six years, Purpose Media has helped the firm successfully execute a strategy to build perceptions of True as a global brand, enhance its visibility and recognition in the UK and other key markets and expand its online presence into new territories.

Our analysts reviewed the company’s target audiences and delivery channels and proposed an approach which would improve the customer journey and support True’s sales team to convert interest.

New websites, optimised for SEO, were built for the UK, Germany, France, the EU and Australia, with our developers designing powerful bespoke tools such as an energy cost calculator, which instantly demonstrates how much a customer could save financially and in emissions by switching to a True product.

We created impactful new brand messaging, print and digital assets, produced compelling, targeted written and video content to explain how True products can improve operations for potential buyers, and increased awareness through organic and paid social media and digital advertising campaigns.

Our teams travelled thousands of miles supporting True at international expos and our video and social media experts helped broadcast high-profile company events to potential customers unable to attend in person.

The results have been impressive.

Users of the UK website went up by 41% in 12 months. Average time spent on page increased by 98%. Total social media engagements were up by 43%.

And, crucially, the online goal conversion rate – the proportion of people visiting the website who go on to complete a key action, such as submitting an enquiry – increased by 93%. Total online goal completions were also up by 43%.

On top of that, the assets we have built are now viewed as essential tools within the business.

The sales teams use the websites we created to validate True’s credentials with potential customers. Our customisation tool allows online buyers to configure equipment to their own specification and submit direct enquiries. Our video case studies demonstrate how the company’s innovation is helping businesses to succeed.

In short, Purpose are trusted by True to deliver and, as the numbers and our ongoing partnership demonstrate, we continue to do so.

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