How apprentices have helped drive Purpose Media’s success

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February 2, 2024
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Developing a skilled and passionate workforce is vital for businesses who want to grow.

At Purpose Media, we’re committed to encouraging the talent of our people – something which we were commended for at the prestigious Derbyshire Business Awards.

And, over the past decade, our success has been significantly influenced by the contributions of brilliant apprentices.

As we celebrate National Apprenticeship Week, we take a moment to reflect on the valuable role they have played in our achievements.


Why are apprentices so integral to our business?

At Purpose Media, we’ve always been committed to nurturing young talent by providing rewarding and long-term career opportunities.

Around a third of our current workforce having participated in the apprenticeship programme is testament to this, with it creating a pipeline of accomplished professionals who have played a pivotal role in the sustained success and growth of our business.

We believe that apprentices not only bring fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to our team, but their emersion within the company as they learn helps them understand our culture and align to our way of working.

Quote Mark
“Hiring an apprentice is not just an investment in their professional development, but also a commitment to shaping the next generation of professionals. The willingness to learn and dedication apprentices bring can be transformative for any organisation, making it a rewarding decision both for the employer and the apprentice.”
MattW Master 2
Matt Wheatcroft
Managing Director at Purpose Media

What’s it like to be an apprentice at Purpose Media?

By implementing a learning and development culture and supporting the wellbeing of employees, many of our apprentices have progressed to more senior roles within the company, including as members of the leadership team.

We interviewed some of our current and former apprentices at Purpose Media to hear their thoughts.

Josh D cooltemp 3

Josh Donnell joined Purpose Media as an apprentice nine years ago and has since progressed to become the company’s technical lead. He began his journey with us by completing the Level 3 Software Developer programme.

Quote Mark

“Talented people here are what made my apprenticeship. Even to this day, they create such a great work environment. A recent edition of an apprentice developer enables me to give back to all those who have helped me over the years by nurturing the next generation into the industry that I love.”

Josh Donnell
Technical Lead at Purpose Media
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Olivia Wheatcroft is the latest apprentice to join Purpose Media and is currently studying the Level 3 Content Creator programme. She’s looking forward to completing her course and learning more about business.

Quote Mark

“Going full-time as an apprentice allowed me to focus on one thing. At school I did art and wanted to do photography, but couldn’t, so this apprenticeship allowed me to focus on learning a new skill. The biggest appeal to me about an apprenticeship is that I can do all my learning at work whilst getting paid.”

Olivia Wheatcroft
Content Creator Apprentice at Purpose Media