New generative AI changes coming to Google and LinkedIn

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June 14, 2024
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Digital Marketing
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Further advancements in generative AI mean that the landscape of digital marketing is on the brink of another shift as more and more platforms unveil new features.  

To help you stay ahead, we’ve brought you the latest insights and trends so you can leverage them in your strategies. 


Google is enhancing its search capabilities with generative AI 

With the introduction of the new Gemini model, Google aims to simplify the search process through AI-generated overviews that provide quick answers and relevant links. 

Search results will be more organised and categorised under AI-generated headlines, making it easier to explore and find inspiration on various topics such as dining, recipes, films and shopping. 

The update will also assist in planning activities like meals and holidays, generating customisable plans that can be exported to Google Docs or Gmail. 

Additionally, new video search capabilities are being trialled in Search Labs in the US., with plans for future expansion. This feature will enable users to ask questions about objects and scenarios in motion, simplifying troubleshooting and solution-finding. 

Learn more about the capabilities on Google’s blog here: 

TikTok is testing a new ‘Collaboration’ feature for posts  

This new feature may soon allow users to tag up to five collaborators on a post, with collaborators having the option to approve or remove themselves from posts on which they do not wish to be included. 

Posts with collaborators will appear on both the creator’s and the collaborators’ profiles, although only the creator will have the ability to edit the content. 

At present, there is no confirmed release date for this feature. 

TikTok will now label content created by external AI tools  

Additional generative AI transparency measures are being implemented to help users better understand how it is being used and misused on the web.  

TikTok already has compulsory labels for content created with its own, in-stream generative AI tools, to provide direct transparency on clips. However, these new measures will give users even more oversight into the use of other AI tools, which should help to limit misinformation and misunderstanding around such. 

TikTok adds ‘Floating Player’ on desktop 

The platform has added a new ‘floating player’ option, which enables you to keep watching TikTok videos on your desktop PC while switching to other tabs.  

The new Floating Player option is in the bottom right of the playback window on desktop and, when tapped, allows users to drag the player to wherever they want on the screen. 

TikTok is also testing 60-minute uploads 

The feature is currently only available to a limited group of users in select markets, with TikTok saying it doesn’t have any immediate plans to make the feature available widely.  

The purpose of the increased upload limit is to provide creators with the opportunity to experiment with new or expanded types of content, including webisodes and TV shows.   

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LinkedIn adds labels for AI-generated content 

LinkedIn is the latest social platform to add labels to AI-generated content in-stream, via a partnership with the C2PA (Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity), which uses data tagging to identify AI images. 

AI-generated images posted on LinkedIn will now include a small C2PA tag in the top right of the in-stream visual. Tap on that icon and you’ll be able to see more info about the image. 

The tags will be automatically added, based on the code data embedded into the image, as identified by the C2PA process. 

LinkedIn updates link previews in organic posts with smaller images 

Having been testing this, LinkedIn is now making link previews on organic posts much smaller in the feed, while sponsored posts will keep the previous UI.  

LinkedIn has also shared that the change in image preview size will also come into effect whenever a sponsored post is re-shared as an organic update. 

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Instagram has updated its algorithm 

Instagram has updated its algorithm to better showcase content from smaller, original creators. The new ranking system prioritises original content over reposts in recommendations.  

Instagram is focusing on Reels to boost engagement. The most popular Reels will be shown to increasingly larger audiences based on their performance. 

If identical content is found, Instagram will only recommend the original. However, significantly altered content, like memes or parodies, will still be considered. 

Reposted content will now have labels linking to the original creator. Both the original creator and the reposting account can remove this label if they choose. 

Accounts that frequently repost others’ content without adding value won’t appear in recommendations. 

Instagram tests recent story highlights on user profiles 

The app is currently testing a new ‘Lately’ feature for Stories, which adds a new, automatically generated highlight feed to profiles to showcase the most recent Stories activity.  

This feature extends the life of Stories beyond 24 hours.  

Instagram is testing new features to engage users  

There are new options within Reels editing tools that allow users to add popular, animated meme clips. This feature provides access to a range of animated meme elements that can be overlaid on Reels to make them more engaging and topical.  

Previously, Instagram had introduced ‘Stories Templates’ to create interactive Stories elements, to drive engagement.  

Meta adds enhanced AI creation tools for Facebook and Instagram ads  

These new tools include advanced text and image generation, creative expansion, and text overlays.  

The first update is improved image generation, enabling the creation of multiple image variations from your original ad creative. Meta’s new process uses your original content and conversational prompts to produce enhanced backgrounds, visual styles, and different presentation options. 

Meta is also expanding its ad text variation feature, which now creates different versions of ad headlines.  

Additionally, Meta is experimenting with generating text that reflects your brand’s voice and tone by highlighting key selling points from previous campaigns and input. 

YouTube has launched a live test of Dream Screen 

After announcing its upcoming “Dream Screen” AI generation option last September, YouTube has now begun live testing the feature with a select group of users. 

‘Dream Screen’ allows you to create background videos or images for your short clips based on text prompts. 

YouTube explains that you can access this feature through the “Green Screen” mode in the “Create” section of the YouTube app (accessed via the + icon at the bottom of the screen). If you have access to this feature, you’ll see a new “Create a video or an image” option, in addition to the usual carousel of images from your Camera Roll. You can then type in a prompt to generate your desired video background. 


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