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As we begin a new year, creative director Claudio Davanzo reveals his predictions for the year ahead, what developments we are likely to see in graphic design and how brands will be evolving their marketing toolkit.

The events of the last two years have led many business owners to reflect and adapt how they operate and I think this constant refinement will continue as brands take more care over their choices as to how to go to market and what to say in their promotional advertising.

From a marketing point of view, I think 2022 will be a year in which motion design will gain more traction due to the exponential growth in online audiences. The software and technology available to create and publish content in animated, video, or GIF format will continue to evolve rapidly.

The use of moving images enables marketing communications to be much more engaging. By adding these additional layers and dimensions it is much easier to tell a story and convey key messaging that also adds personality and enables brands to differentiate themselves even further.

Also, after years of simplistic and flat designs limited by the requirements of traditional media and a long period of depression caused by the pandemic, we will see a push for indulgence in design. Brands will begin to adopt bolder colour palettes, vibrant colours and gradients. Even typography will become a lot more experimented with.

From a social aspect, I think we will continue to see an increase in people building their online profiles. People who would have previously built their network of contacts at face-to-face events will increasingly seek online platforms as a substitute for not being able to meet at in-person events. As a result, social media platforms will also continue to adapt features and functionality based on the mass of data they can now collate on the changing behaviours and trends of their audiences.

Finally, remote working means it’s easier for talent to work from anywhere so I think the work culture will continue to change because people have reflected on what’s important to their career. In order to retain and attract the best talent, employers will need to design their workplace culture to offer a work balance that enables people to adapt their work style to positively impact well-being and mental health and how they work best. I think we will find that flexible working enables people to choose when to spend time with family, friends and so being able to enjoy personal hobbies and interests will be a high priority.

As always, the world of design and marketing will continue to be exciting and evolutionary and I think Purpose Media will remain at the forefront of leading these changes. We will continue to build our strategic marketing expertise and knowledge of the industry and adapting the wide range of services we have available to deliver our own brand promise to ‘engage audiences, inspire customers and deliver results.’

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