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Following economic uncertainty as COVID restrictions tighten, it’s time for businesses to take control of their Digital Transformation.

As businesses begin to tighten investments, Matt Wheatcroft, Managing Director of Purpose Media, has spoken up on behalf of SMEs about driving their own success through digital transformation;

‘I appreciate the government has a job to do, and we can argue for and against their ideas and support available, but the reality is we can’t wait to see what help might come. We need to act on our own behalf to move forward. SMEs are the lifeblood of the UK economy, and our survival is based on our ability to move and adapt quickly. Right now we need to push on.’

Marketing with your back against the wall

Marketing Agency, Purpose Media, launched in 2008 during the last economic recession. Despite uncertainty Matt and his business partner Tim were able to grow their business to become one of the most successful agencies in the East Midlands. Matt continued;

‘Businesses are scaling back, redundancies are being made, project funding is slow, ending or being withdrawn. Times like this can make or break small businesses. For many it would seem scaling back on marketing spend would be the right thing to do, but it’s the one thing I would advise against – and that’s not just because we’re a digital marketing agency.’

‘From a business point of view marketing is the one thing we’ve never scrimped on, right from day one when we had very little. Data shows that businesses that continue to spend on their marketing bounce back quicker than those who don’t.’

Is digital transformation the answer?

‘I can imagine as we’re getting started this week there are thousands of businesses like ours holding meetings and thinking how do we do more? How do we look after our staff and, more importantly, how do we engage with our customers and help them? We all need to adapt and evolve, and digital is the way to do that.

‘Right now every business owner or management team is thinking how do we get more, be that sales, business growth, access to markets – and the easy answer is that all the quick and long term wins are all online. The businesses that are trying to make the most of that are the ones who are going to survive.’

Digital marketing team working on campaign

Digital Marketing can make or break your business

Working together to get more

To support businesses get more from their marketing Purpose Media has worked to create new offerings that will help their clients engage more customers and make more profit. Matt said;

‘It’s important we all start to talk to each other, share advice and best practice, and work together to play to our strengths and come out of the other side. I don’t believe many companies are going to be the same after this, that’s the truth of it, but we can potentially all come out stronger and wiser as a result.’

‘However, now is the time to react. It’s about making tough business decisions but at the same time boxing very smart when it comes to online marketing. If businesses are looking for help they can get in touch with our team who can look at options with them.’

Let's get started.