PM client zooms into future with online event support

Purpose Media client, On Event Production Co., has helped tonnes of businesses launch live events online when lockdown procedures have halted physical get-togethers.

Thanks to Coronavirus, video conferencing is the new norm with several calls being scheduled a day. Applications like Zoom and Teams make catching up with colleagues a breeze, helping businesses to communicate both internally and externally.

But how do you elevate the experience to a new level when broadcasting to a larger audience with the objective of delivering key strategic messages?

On Event Production Co. has the answer…


On has been supporting clients with professional live event delivery for decades. When Coronavirus struck and the lockdown enforced, many brands had to halt plans for live events, looking for alternate ways to bring their message to life.

In response, using their wealth of experience within the event industry, On developed OnLine.

OnLine is a professional online meeting and event support package, designed to make content stand out in a live online forum. Put simply, On take away the worry of all things technical and make you and your content look and sound great when it really matters.

The end result is a well-drilled and executed piece of business comms that isn’t distracted by technical problems…meaning your vital company meeting is elevated from this:


To this…


Zooming into the future

Looking to host your very own virtual event? Why not get in touch with the guys at On?

We can vouch for them, they’re pretty darn awesome…

Find out more about ONLine by clicking this link.

Posted by: Purpose Media
Posted on: 25.06.2020
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