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One of the areas in which Purpose Media try to provide added value is by signposting clients to potential sources of grant funding. Very often we are one of the approved suppliers so it proves to be mutually beneficial to explore what is available.

Back in June 2021, we teamed up with Chesterfield Borough Council and East Midlands Chamber to launch the Chesterfield Digital High Street project to help retail businesses get online and build a digital marketing strategy.

More recently, we have also been selected as one of the delivery partners to provide similar advice and services as part of the Derby City Business Resilience Programme.

We have also been told that several additional support programmes are also about the get the green light.

So, if funding is holding up your journey towards embracing the benefits of digital marketing such as a new website, an SEO strategy to help you get ranked on Google, engaging with customers using social media or email marketing, now might be great time to talk to us.

The Latest Schemes

New schemes are being announced all the time as Government and Local Authorities are very keen to safeguard jobs and give businesses a helping hand– particularly those that have been most affected by the pandemic.

Here are some of the latest schemes to be announced:

UK Community Renewal Fund (CRF).

The East Midlands Chamber has secured £5.3m to deliver an advice, training and grant project called East Midlands Accelerator which runs until 30 June 2022. It’s delivered through a collaborative partnership including local Universities and aims to enhance existing publicly funded projects.

There are five areas of funding to support projects in:

  • Net Zero Accelerator
  • Scale up to Start up accelerator
  • Digital transformation accelerator
  • Kickstart accelerator
  • Financial accelerator

The eligible areas for CRF include Derbyshire Dales, High Peak, Nottingham City, Bassetlaw, Mansfield, Newark & Sherwood, Leicester City. We have been advised that there are between 60 – 110 grants available based on location.

Financial Accelerator includes growth vouchers of up to £2000 per business/start-up to fund specialist consultancy to support growth challenges, the introduction of technology, to deliver training or help carbon reduction. The grant is linked to safeguarding jobs.

Grants of up to £8000 (fixed 80% intervention) are also available to fund business improvement and growth opportunities that are linked to creation of jobs and/or decarbonisation plans. These grants can fund digital adoption and specialist training.

How can PM use these grants kickstart your digital journey?

As an approved delivery partner, Purpose Media can help you apply for and then utilise the grant funding to create you an updateable or e-commerce website to help your adoption of digital marketing techniques.

Our support can also include training on how to ensure your website is regularly updated with engaging content and then how to use other digital tools such as social media, email marketing and search engine optimisation to increase enquiries and sales conversion.

Eligibility for grant funding

Each scheme will have its own criteria and differ in the advice and services it will provide. So it is important to get advice in order to appraise whether you might be suitable, meet application deadlines, ensure you clearly understand what the deliverables will be and what you will be expected to contribute. This could be a combination of matched funding and/or your time to learn and ensure actions are created and completed.

Highlights of previous grant funded schemes we have supported

In Chesterfield, the programme has already helped 84 local businesses to make the most of their presence online. We have offered support and guidance on using online tools and the scheme has been a resounding success.

One of the businesses to benefit in Chesterfield is TwelfthCraft, a retail emporium based in The Shambles specialising in dolls houses, miniatures, accessories, curios and gifts. Since joining the project Caroline Gleadall, who owns and manages the store has created an online presence which has led to a 10% increase in sales and has developed a plan to further expand her business over the next three years.

Caroline said: “Thanks to the project, I feel like I’ve already achieved so much. I’ve developed the confidence to pay for Facebook advertising, and the time I’m committing to my social media presence has provided lots of new connections, allowed me to contact my customers, and given them the opportunity to leave reviews. I’m also about to launch my new e-commerce website which will help me reach new markets.”

A long-established micro-brewery is another business to have benefited through the Digital High Street project.

Chris Radford, managing director and head brewer from Brampton Brewery, explained: “We have received grant funding for a new website with enhanced e-commerce functionality. Once launched, we hope to see significant growth in our online sales.

“To any business considering getting involved, I’d say this – just do it! There really is no reason not to. You’ll have access to a wide range of advice and services from industry specialists who just want to see you succeed.”

In Derby, 100 retail, hospitality and leisure organisations are benefiting from access to expert advice via the Derby Business Resilience Programme. Derby City Council has provided £200,000 in funding towards the programme, with East Midlands Chamber contributing £42,000.

For the DCBR Scheme we have been holding information sessions which business owners can attend to find out more.

If you would like to find out more about how to get your business online and what grant funding might be available, please get in touch.

Let's get started.