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Want to make your mark with Digital PR?

Digital PR is a vital part of any businesses’ marketing strategy. Whether you are looking to build your brand awareness, or build your organic website performance, utilising a Digital PR strategy can position you as an authoritative player in your sector – and the go-to business for thought leadership in your industry.

Digital PR is more than getting your name in the press. It’s about measuring incremental growth that meets your business objectives – whether it’s viral campaigns to mass media, industry-focussed press or local campaign coverage – Digital PR must drive links through quality content.

It’s more important than ever to get the results you need to make your business stand out from the crowd. If you are looking to take the next step with a Digital PR agency – get in touch to speak to our Digital PR specialists today.

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What is Digital PR?

Digital PR is an online marketing strategy used by many successful brands to increase their online visibility and help them become more trustworthy and authoritative online.

Whether you’re looking to improve SEO, create referral traffic through building links, generate leads, or improve online brand awareness—an effective digital PR strategy is exactly what you need to build your brand and maximise your digital marketing ROI.

Both approaches focus on brand awareness, advocacy, media coverage, and reputation management. The key difference lies in how PR professionals and agencies approach these topics.

Traditional PR vs Digital PR

Traditional PR typically describes strategies that increase coverage within print media (newspapers, magazines, etc), TV, and radio.

Digital PR, on the other hand, utilises online marketing tactics to increase online visibility. Digital PR describes strategies that have evolved in the age of technology and digital transformation, and that take full advantage of the benefits available here.

When done well, a comprehensive digital PR strategy can reach far more people than the traditional approach. It also makes it far easier to reach the right people for your brand.

While it is often considered synonymous with link-building strategies, digital PR is so much more than that.

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Does digital PR drive business growth?

Digital PR services focus on leveraging technology to increase our client’s online presence.

This requires an agency to understand how a client’s target audience interacts with online platforms, how to stay on top of digital marketing trends, and how to analyse a business’s digital needs to improve overall performance. That’s where we come in.

Digital PR focuses on using digital marketing strategies such as search engine optimisation (SEO), content marketing, social media outreach, and influencer marketing. Digital PR experts employ a range of skills including SEO expertise, knowledge of content campaigns, and social media know-how.

Digital PR campaigns mostly revolve around securing backlinks from credible websites and blogs, as well as forming and nurturing relationships with journalists through outreach. It’s all about increasing brand visibility, so it requires both a strategic approach and a great level of communication.

Below are some common examples of what a digital PR strategy could involve.

  • A content marketing campaign focused on publishing articles to gain high-quality links
  • Liaising with journalists, editors, and clients to organically generate links
  • Creating and sharing press releases
  • Guest posting on other reputable sites
  • Generating links through blogger outreach
  • Networking with influencers to improve online visibility
  • Improving online coverage with online and offline events
  • Analysing data and site performance
  • Increasing and amplifying your business with Social Media


Digital PR plays a crucial role in communicating your brand’s message effectively. Successful digital PR yields several benefits including increasing awareness and enhancing SEO value through valuable links and effective media coverage.

We offer a range of services to improve your brand’s online presence. Our PR team work with clients to achieve success through our Digital PR services every day.


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Digital PR services.


A big part of our digital PR agency services is SEO. Digital PR can strengthen your SEO strategy by building high-quality links and mentions of your site around the web.

SEO also helps PR teams to uncover trending topics and relevant themes that a client's audience is searching for. This feeds into campaign strategy and content creation processes.

content marketing.

Before you can start generating links with outreach, you'll need to implement a strong content marketing strategy. Agencies work with clients to plan, create, and promote content that drives brand awareness and builds authority.

Quality content is crucial to keeping customers engaged. It's good that you've got them to your business, better still to keep them there.

social media.

Social media has transformed the way we communicate, share information, and do business. Effective social media marketing can have a huge impact on your business's bottom line, providing valuable insight and developing a tone of voice that is unique to your brand.

digital PR consultancy.

We will work with you to measure and help you make a decision on how to market your business and build the best Digital PR strategy for success. Our experts are on hand to work with you to teach you how to drive results and give you an insight to a huge amount of data to inform those decisions.


We specialise in creating pages that your customers and search engines will love. We take a strategic approach to content creation that leads to more conversions and better engagement rates.

link building.

High quality links are a vital part of your SEO strategy. We work with you to get the right links in a straightforward, creatively driven way. We get national coverage for our clients, as well as local and trade links too.

traditional PR.

PR used to focus on contacting journalists to make media relations and get your content published in your target media. These days it's far more focused on ROI. Though there is an element of Traditional PR in all content we create - the most important thing is making sure the news stories we write, and the media placements we get for our clients, work for their business. Whether that is online or in more traditional formats - we need both elements to get your successful media placements to help your business build authority across googles search results.

digital marketing.

Digital PR agencies often operate as fully-fledged digital marketing agencies with a specialised focus on PR.

In today's internet-fuelled world, digital marketing is crucial to success. Our Digital team can offer an integrated digital marketing strategy to include everything from content creation to building links, to data and performance analysis.

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The benefits of using digital PR campaigns

It’s much easier to measure the results of digital PR campaigns than it is with traditional campaigns. Digital PR services can access a wide range of software and resources that can be used for tracking, monitoring, and measuring key metrics that demonstrate the value of specific campaigns.

Digital PR combines a range of internet-based digital strategies. A good campaign incorporates link building, SEO, outreach, and much more to increase visibility online. When done well, your brand can reach a massive number of potential customers.

Below is a quick look at some of the benefits digital PR can give your business.

Improves SEO and SERPs rankings

If you know a thing or two about SEO, you’ll know that it’s all about ensuring your website ranks well on Google and other search engines. A great digital PR strategy concentrates on acquiring links or publishing articles on high domain authority websites to improve rankings based on target keywords.

More high quality and trusted websites containing hyperlinks to your own site will mean you rank far higher in search engine results.

PR specialists focus on attaining high-quality, relevant links from websites and liaising with journalists about content projects and campaign ideas. Better rankings = higher traffic!

Increases brand awareness and website traffic

Investing in digital PR enables brands to increase their online visibility and drive traffic to their website.

High-quality content marketing strategies can demonstrate to customers that a brand is dedicated to providing its audience with valuable and relevant content.

In the same way, PR activity is a way of spreading the word about your brand and driving traffic to your site with quality links from high domain authority websites.

Generates leads

Digital PR is about sharing content and securing links to boost brands’ online profiles.

A good strategy requires placing your products and content in front of a relevant target audience who are likely to engage with your brand. Acquiring backlinks from high domain authority sites will send traffic to your site and generate leads.

Increase sales

At the end of the day, any business’s primary goal is to make sales. Digital PR generates leads by increasing website traffic with relevant links.

Once visitors land on your site, your content should aim to channel leads into your marketing funnel with the end-goal of transforming leads into paying customers.

Enhances brand loyalty

Another benefit of a great strategy is that it enhances customer loyalty by building brand authority with engaging and informative content.

Securing quality links and positive publicity nurtures your brand image and encourages visitors to your website to keep engaging and interacting with what you publish. After all, consumers are more likely to purchase from brands they trust.

Drive your website authority and build your brand.

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Creating a digital PR strategy.

What’s involved in creating a digital PR strategy? Below is a quick overview of what digital marketing agencies can do to boost your digital success.

Creating an idea

When it comes to creating a strategy idea, it’s all about your objectives. The goals of your strategy must align with any wider business objectives you have. Once you know what you want your strategy to achieve, you can start implementing it with innovative content and a unique angle.

Campaign and marketing strategy

To create successful digital PR campaigns, agencies must develop a deep understanding of their clients, their mission, and their target audiences.

First of all, the digital PR campaign requires a campaign strategy and a detailed roadmap to success. Digital PR agencies use their PR expertise to deliver specific agendas. This involves creating a strategy that aligns with a brand’s goals, digital needs, and consumer demands.

Press relations

Organising a PR strategy requires you to have access to contacts (journalists, editors, etc) in high places.

PR is all about networking. It’s about knowing and contacting the right people to promote your brand in places that will reach your desired audience. Once you’ve formed these connections, digital PR focuses on nurturing relationships and developing mutually beneficial partnerships.


This is what any great PR strategy boils down to. Before launching a campaign, you’ll need to establish a network of journalists or press contacts that you plan to reach out to.

Creating a relevant contact list is often done by:

  • Searching for writers and journalists on online news sites/blogs who write about similar topics
  • Exploring social media to better understand relevant themes for bloggers and journalists
  • Contacting clients or contacts who have previously been worked with to see if they’re interested in the campaign theme or specific topic.

When it comes to outreach PR tactics, there’s no ideal number or contacts for your contact list. Instead, it all depends on the campaign in question and what clients want. Once you hook contacts in with a great content theme or story, then all that’s left to do is reach out, discuss links, and start the content creation process.

Why are Purpose Media your perfect Digital PR agency partner?

Here at Purpose Media, we know digital PR like the back of our hand. Our team of digital experts understand the impact that implementing an effective PR strategy can have on brand success.

We’ve made it our mission to provide clients with strategies that guarantee high domain-authority links, positive coverage, and press relations to improve overall brand awareness.

Purpose Media is a full-service digital marketing agency located in London and Derby. What makes us different from other digital marketing agencies? Our unique approach combines creativity with strategic industry knowledge to help clients achieve results.

Our team will take the time to get to know you, your business, and your goals before we create a data-driven strategy tailored to your exact needs.

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Whether you’re seeking SEO expertise, PPC solutions, social media prowess, or content creation skills—we can help. Our team works closely with businesses to deliver a results-driven strategy to drive awareness, improve search engine rankings, and position you as a thought leader in your field.

From dealing with journalist requests to nurturing your brand story—Purpose Media helps you to achieve the best return on investment with innovative solutions.

Our approach focuses on blending technical expertise with creative solutions to help you achieve top rankings with a data-driven strategy.

Our team of experienced digital experts combine in-depth technical knowledge with creativity to deliver results-driven digital strategies. The goal? To engage audiences, inspire customers, and deliver results.

Our extensive portfolio of case studies demonstrates exactly how our PR team have helped businesses of all shapes and sizes improve their online visibility.

Want to know more about how Purpose Media can help you to secure links, connect with the people who matter the most, and improve your digital presence? Get in touch with us today.

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