Looking for a PPC agency to partner with?

what is PPC?

PPC (pay-per-click) is an online advertising model used to drive traffic to websites where you pay a publisher when the ad is clicked. PPC can happen across Google, Microsoft and many more search engines and social media channels.

We know that successful PPC agency management requires an understanding of more than just channels. It’s about creating an in depth strategy for budget planning, demographic and psychographic audiences, customer journeys and customer acquisition and ultimately driving you a return on investment.

why do I need an PPC agency?

Our ppc agency team is experienced in making campaigns creative, profitable and impactful, getting you the results you want, when you want them.

We use data driven insights, supported by new technology and creative flair to produce a truly integrated experience across all paid networks. Our team specialise in helping international and local brands make an impact. We’re the strategic partner and PPC agency you’ve always been searching for!


Let's chat about your PPC agency goals.

ppc services.

google ads.

We work with you to create high performing campaigns using creativity and technology. We get you more leads and more sales at a lower cost using Search, Shopping, Display, and Video.


When someone interacts with your business, we can remarket to them using the Google Display Network (GDN) Youtube and Social Media. Remarketing helps drive your audience to the next phase of the marketing funnel.

microsoft advertising.

Microsofts search engine is always growing. We can help you reach success to a whole new demographic with their widened network which includes Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, Ecosia and more.

programmatic ads.

The Google Marketing Platform's Display & Video 360 suite allows you to reach more of your audience across millions of websites. Using programmatic alongside other advertising methods allows for a precise, data driven approach to your marketing.

display advertising.

Where creative meets performance marketing. You can advertise your business to a niche audience through contextual advertising, Youtube and Google Display Network. Remarket using display advertising to people who have previously been on your site.

google shopping.

Wanting to drive more sales from your products? Google shopping is the way to go. We can optimise your feed, implement market leading strategies to help you drive elevated performance. Our goal is to help you get the highest ROI possible.

paid social.

Social Media is the secret weapon of paid advertising. You can reach virtually anyone, across any sector with personalised content. We make your CTA's and proposition as strong as possible, so that we can drive as high a ROAS as possible for your business.

ppc consultancy & audit.

Whether you need to benchmark your existing campaigns, or understand your competitors, we strategically advise you on how to improve your campaigns. Our PPC team can work with you and your marketing team to consult across a range of projects to help increase your ROI.


increase sales.

Drive results, get leads or sales, and make sure you are making data driven decisions when it comes to your marketing.

reach your audience.

Reach potential new customers across the right channels, and get them to pay attention to your business.

improve online perfomance.

We focus on making your PPC more effective and more efficient. We're technical specialists, and are results hungry.

purpose media is proud to be a google premier partner PPC agency.

Google have recognised Purpose Media as a Google Premier Partner. It's a big achievement! And we're pretty proud to be working with such a forward thinking company. We’ve achieved this Premier status by creating high performance campaigns for our clients and constantly innovating with the latest tools and technology. We look after a high level of media spend across our accounts and have exceeded revenue growth and campaign results.