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want to partner with an award winning ppc management agency?

A successful PPC (pay per click) agency can help businesses of any size drive performance online and grow. Not only does it offer the opportunity to increase your bottom line with effective PPC campaigns, but it can also integrate into a long term strategy.

You need a Digital Marketing agency that understands your business and is focussed on driving results. PPC management is so much more than a quick win, it’s part of a wider integrated digital marketing strategy, that over time – can have a real impact on your bottom line.

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Why do I need a PPC agency?

PPC can be so over competitive in some sectors, it could end up costing you an arm and a leg if you don’t do it right. As a specialist PPC agency, we believe in enabling businesses and business owners to be in control of their spend. We believe in a no-nonsense – simple approach – backed up with strategic thinking and clever automation to maximise your investment.

Our expert team of paid search specialists are experienced in PPC management and running PPC campaigns across multiple paid platforms including Google Search, GDN, Microsoft Ads, Programmatic and native networks, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok and Pinterest.

By focussing on objectives, and blending creative and technology – we can help you make your campaigns profitable and impactful, getting you the results you want when you want them.

Using data-driven insights, our team supports international and local businesses to make an impact on PPC management. We’re the strategic partner and award-winning PPC agency you’ve always been searching for.

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PPC agency services.

Google Ads.

The most used search engine in the world. Maximise your business visibility with Google pay per click advertising. Offering campaign creation and optimisation across Google search, display, shopping and video - we use analysis of data and a huge amount of creativity in order to maximise your results.

Microsoft Ads.

Microsoft Ads (Formerly bing ads) offers a full suite of pay per click advertising tools, similar to Google Ads, to showcase your business while also driving paid advertising results. With a slightly different demographic - Microsoft Ads could be the secret weapon to your ppc campaign and marketing strategy.


Don’t miss an opportunity to get a user to convert into a customer. Utilising remarketing in a no-brainer for any business. Remarketing can work through the Google Display Network, Facebook, LinkedIn or even Google’s PPC search network with RLSA. Target users who have previously been to your website with content to re-capture their attention and gain their conversion.

Paid Social Campaigns.

With the combined audience of LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, Pinterest and many more social media platforms, there is a global opportunity to increase your brand awareness and reach your target audience based on their demographic, interests and lifestyles. We create ads that drive brand awareness and leads - everything is based on your business objectives.

Google Shopping.

Advertise some or all of your products through Google shopping, and allow us to maximise your ROI. Through strategic planning and expert structural management, we can help you achieve your goals no matter how tight your margins.

Display Advertising.

We focus on blending creative and technical excellence to raise awareness of your brand across Google’s display network. Use Google’s pre-set audiences, or build custom audiences, to maximise results and increase the awareness of your brand across your PPC campaign. Create another layer to your advertising - and provide the context your audience needs to convert.

Amazon Advertising.

Amazon advertising offers retailers the opportunity to maximise sales through Amazon and sell products directly to their target audience. With strategic product placement and budget management, Amazon advertising campaigns could help you reach potential customers, increase sales, and drive your business to the next level. Create and drive demand to your products.

PPC Audits & Consultancy.

If you’re already running paid media campaigns, we’re perfectly placed to help too. With our audit and consultancy services, we can integrate with your team and help pinpoint opportunities for growth, cost savings and more. We can also create bespoke training packages to help your business thrive.

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Our Approach to PPC.


Before we start any PPC campaign, we do our digital research. Our pay per click team will use a mix of competitor analysis, current trends, data and continuous testing to drive your PPC strategy and make decisions. We’re already helping UK brands, across a number of industries, capitalise on the opportunities in paid search. Any PPC agency can talk you through different channels, but a great PPC agency will take the time to understand your business and can tell you the best channels for your business and why.

Our team start by reviewing your current campaign efforts across Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads and any other platforms you currently run paid ads. We look to determine its effectiveness, discover the areas that require improvement and explore new avenues that could help your business grow with digital.


By using an extensive kit of competitor research tools, we work with clients to carry out competitor PPC analysis, Keyword research, minimum and maximum CPC and budget requirements. Then we compile this data into a strategic, deliverable plan to drive performance on your PPC campaigns. It’s important that a campaign is launched with the correct research and decisions are backed up with data.

We don’t just ‘do’ PPC We live and breathe it. We’re results-driven, and that’s why research plays such an important role in how quickly we can meet your goals. We aim to understand your business as much as possible so that we can define your audience, understand your goals and drive a great return on investment (ROI) for you. Our approach is focussed on ROI and we work with our clients to be as transparent as possible so that we can maximise your online presence.


Once the desk-based research and online research is complete, we can begin building the account and your advertising campaigns. Our specialist PPC team ensure you get a fully bespoke digital strategy for your business, so you get a well thought through PPC strategy. Our approach to building campaigns is simple – we focus on making your business more visible online and work with our clients to achieve award-winning results. We ensure that we’re reaching your customers – so that we can minimise cost and maximise customers.

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purpose media is proud to be a google premier partner PPC agency.

Google has recognised Purpose Media as a Google Premier Partner, and we’re extremely proud of the achievement. We’ve achieved this Premier status by:

- Controlling a high level of spend across our managed accounts
- Exceeding performance requirements, set by Google, in revenue growth and campaign results
- Utilising new technologies and tools made available by Google to aid clients in their development.
- Working in partnership with Google and our clients to deliver results.

The best bit? The premier partner status gives us access to the latest insights, information and beta features available. We take pride in being a leader in the digital marketing arena - so having partnerships with the top advertising platforms ensures we’re always in a position to pass on these privileges.

Check out our case studies to find out how we drive results for our clients.

Why Purpose Media?

Although our PPC specialists are experts in Paid advertising, we have a team full of T shaped marketers with a huge range of digital marketing service expertise. This ensures that any decision made for PPC, will always have strategic benefit across the broad spectrum of marketing.

Our service doesn’t stop there either. As your strategic marketing partner, we ensure that your website does what we need it to do. We won’t even continue to run paid advertising without assisting you with advice on CRO and UX – that way we put you, and ourselves, in the best possible position for success.

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Ready to take the next step with your PPC strategy?

If you are ready to step up your digital marketing and dive into the world of paid search, then get in touch! We’d love to hear how we can help your business thrive with PPC services across search engines like Google and Bing.

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Frequently asked questions.

What is PPC advertising?

In its simplest form, PPC advertising is an advertising model that enables advertisers to drive traffic to a website, app or video via search engines or other platforms. The advertiser is generally only charged if a user clicks on the advert which is driven by a selection of keywords; hence pay-per-click. The idea is that you utilise PPC management services to drive customers down a conversion funnel, to ultimately ensure you achieve and exceed your marketing goals.

PPC offers the opportunity for businesses to buy traffic to their website from publishers. It’s an extremely effective way to quickly increase visitors to a website. Done properly, it can help businesses quickly get off the ground and begin generating a stream of revenue.

Does PPC affect SEO?

PPC does not directly affect SEO. Paying for clicks to your website can not provide organic (SEO) benefit in any way. PPC & SEO share similarities in approach - eg researching keywords is often quite similar - but these keywords are often very different in terms of the intent of the customer.

An argument could be made that PPC does affect SEO indirectly across search engines. PPC allows you to drive traffic to a website, if that traffic then performs well e.g. has a high click-through rate, high conversion rate, high “time on site” and a low bounce rate, then these are all clear signals to search engines that your website is providing a good experience to users.

This could, in time, lead to a positive impact being made on your organic rankings - since it is clear to Google that visitors to your site have a good user experience.

How can I benefit from Pay Per Click?

PPC provides good value for money. Unlike some other advertising platforms, only pay when a user actually reaches your website. PPC is also unrivalled in being able to show clear reporting on results. You are able to define a budget and review results frequently to ensure its effectiveness.

PPC and Paid Social also offer excellent and unrivalled targeting options. From demographic and psychographic & interest-based targeting, through to choosing the exact keyword - the possibilities are almost endless!

The data available for PPC, from research through to analysis of results, is fantastic. Depending on your industry, the data available could paint a full picture of the success/failure of your marketing. You’re then able to shape your efforts moving forward.

How well does PPC work with other marketing channels?

In short, PPC can work well as a first initiative, or as part of a wider digital marketing strategy.

PPC campaigns can help drive traffic from day 1. If you’re a start-up business with a budget to run a campaign (PPC or Paid Social), then it's important you get it right to maximise your budget effectivley.

If you’re an existing business, with a good flow of traffic, you may be able to increase your conversion rates with an awesome, tactical remarketing campaign across Facebook, LinkedIn or the google display network.

If you have a fantastic organic presence but are aware that you’re missing out on some transactional traffic because your competitors use Google search and Google shopping, but you don’t - PPC will work well here too!

If you’d like to discuss PPC further and find out exactly how we can help - get in touch to speak to our team today!