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A Video Production Agency with a difference.

Are you looking for a production company to work with you to create great video content that works for your business objectives?

We’re a video production company that prides itself on creating video content that engages and inspires audiences – ultimately delivering you results. 

Having an expert production company to work alongside your content marketing should be a key part of your strategy. Video production can work across a range of sectors, industries and territories – to communicate your business’ solution to your customers. That’s why it’s so important you choose the right video production company.

Let’s talk about your Video objectives. 

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Why do I need a video production agency?

Whether it’s a branded, promotional, animation explainer or product videos – we’ve got you covered. Our expert video production team can craft the perfect video content to drive engagement with your audiences. 

Purpose Media is an award-winning creative video production company based in London and Derby, but we don’t stop there. We work clients across the world, in Europe, Australasia, Asia and the USA. We focus on creative video, driven by insight, customer data and cultural insights – to create eye-catching videos for you to use across marketing channels like social media, PPC, web and content.

Get in touch to discuss your video production and animation goals. 

In-house video experts

Many agencies don’t have in-house video services. Often video services are outsourced to third party video production companies, it can end up being expensive, complicated and work separately to your wider marketing.

We offer a wider range of video production services including branded, promotional, animation, explainer and product videos. Our video experts work alongside your team to understand your business goals and objectives. We then use this knowledge to communicate your brand proposition, customer solution, service and product offering to your customers.

We cover all aspects of commercial video production, our teams work together to focus on blending creative solutions with technical excellence to create video content that speaks to its audience. This means we never focus on a single channel, instead, we focus on driving results across all channels. 

We are a full-service digital marketing agency that produces beautiful footage, awe-inspiring animation, and consistent messaging.   

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Our Video Production Agency Services.


Unlock more value from your event by capturing it on film.

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Capture your audience with video as part of your social feed.

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Communicate your brand values with stunning video.

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Don't just tell people about your products, show them.

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Build trust with new contacts by sharing success stories.

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Resolve common problems and make the complex simple.

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Stunning views from above add a wow factor.

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Communicate complex services or ideas with simple animation.

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How can a video production agency help your business?

A production company can help you shape the future of your content and video strategy. Our video team can help you reach your business objectives and communicate straight to your customers.

Communicating your message online can be difficult, yet as a tool, video is a proven method of increasing engagement and conversions. Video content drives a 157% increase in organic traffic from search engines and on landing pages, video increases conversions by 80% or more.

The online world is more competitive than ever and your clients demand engaging, inspiring and shareable video content. A single video is not enough to be part of a successful video production marketing strategy. Your strategy needs to exist across multiple digital touchpoints including social media, search engines and websites. 

Our experts work with a video content strategy in mind, ensuring no opportunity is missed to maximise the usage. This means through pre-production, video production and post-production, we’re creating video content that delivers results for your online success.

Let's talk about Video.

Video Production: The Process

Successful video production is all about time, people and places, whether it’s filming in a video production studio, on location or creating a TV advert or producing corporate video content.   

Our expert video production team will guide you through the whole process. This means we bring the creative ideas, treatment, equipment, professional filming teams and red-hot editing to ensure your marketing videos meet your expectations and your objectives.

We cover the complete production process from video production strategy, storyboarding, location and actor sourcing, professional 4k Filming in-studio or location based. Industry leading editing and sound design with tailored outputs for all media channels.

We create videos that : 

  • Connect your messages to audiences – Video can tell a story, share an emotion or inspire a feeling like no other medium. 
  • Inspire brand advocacy – 54% of consumers want to see content from a brand or business they support (Hubspot). Branded video that lives, breathes and shares your brand message across channels are cherished by consumers.
  • Drive Lead Generation – Video marketing drives 66% more qualified leads per year on average (Optinmonster)  

We’re an award-winning video production company, here to create video content that inspires, engages and drives results.

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Animation Video Production

Our expert team have been creating animations for our clients across B2B and B2C businesses, across a range of sectors, for years. We’ve worked on video production projects that require complex character creation for training films, to simple 2D animated explainers for social and 3D visualisations to create great video content for our clients.

But great animation focuses on more than just visuals. It relies on a solid production process. We have years of experience as a production company, and have created videos for brands like Porsche, the BBC, Pattonair, True Manufacturing and many more who have trusted our video production services – and keep coming back for more.

Within our pre and post production studio our storytellers craft messaging that speaks to your audience. Our designers create visuals that are on trend and on brand, then making storyboards so you can see the designs come to life. Finally, our video production team take all of this to craft stunning visual story that people want to watch. 

 We focus on creating great videos that:

  • Simplifies your message – Animation lends itself to explaining complex topics easily in visual and memorable way that works for your customers.
  • Engages your target audience – Tell any story through moving illustration and design. Our expert video production team can create the visual style to connect with your audience.
  • Can be used time and time again – Update and repurpose video content easily without the need to re-film. This gives projects both shelf life and the option to evolve your video content to suit changing trends cost-effectively.
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get a video production company on board

Video content marketing works best when it’s done in partnership. That’s why finding the right video production agency is so important. We focus on shared goals, collaboration and getting to know your business to constantly improve our work, so we can exceed expectations. If you are looking for a video production company to help your business take the next step with video content, then we would love to hear about your video project.

Our talented team inject creativity, passion and technical know-how into all our creative video production services to ensure your long-term success with a video production marketing strategy. 

If you are looking for a video production company to help you with the next step of your video and animation journey, please get in touch with our team today.