How to create content that converts.

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August 5, 2021
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Content Marketing
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In this blog, we’ll guide you through the world of content marketing, helping you create content that converts.

We all know that content is king – but it can be difficult to consistently create knock-out content that encourages visitors to stick around and learn about your business and offer.

Here are PM’s top tips to creating content that converts AND gets you seen. Let’s get to it…

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Have a bold angle and create carefully crafted content

“If you create a fantastic story angle, the audience will make you the Pied Piper.”

It goes without saying that the best stories are the ones people are dying to hear. If you can capture your audience’s attention by turning a mundane story into something worth reading, you’re on to a winner.

No matter what the subject is, get your creative juices flowing to really spark interest. Think about how you can add value to your relationship with your customers through your content marketing efforts and implement these ideas into your content plan.

Top Tip: Conduct keyword research to find out what your customers are searching for and use this data to influence your content marketing strategy.

Create compelling content

The best examples of content marketing are what sparks an emotional trigger to motivate a prospect into doing what it desires.

Using emotion to motivate can be done in a couple of ways:

Peer pressure

Knowing that other people are engaging in things that you aren’t can cause people to feel as though they are missing out. Fear is marketing’s great motivator, and no one wants to be left out for fear of straying behind.


People want to be the best at what they do. As a result, frame your content to entice them in by offering them something they didn’t know they needed. For example,’ Ten things you need to know about…’, or ‘Setting up Microsoft Word, a how-to guide…’.

Make it relevant – create content specifically targeted to your audience

‘Writing for your reader’ is self-explanatory; any good content marketer knows that. But, that said, it’s one of the most important aspects to consider when writing online content to drive conversions, build brand awareness and increase visibility.

Only content that genuinely appeals to your reader’s needs, concerns, and issues will result in a conversion. Remember, you may be writing in a very crowded marketplace, so you must write targeted content that appeals to your audience to catch attention.

Top Tip 1: Be sure to segment your audience and write content that will resonate with them.

Top Tip 2: Consider focusing on the world outside your business domain—for example, holidays, seasons, sporting events, etc. Not only does this increase the chance of engagement, but it also increases how authentic your business is.

Make your blog post content-rich

Once you’ve written your carefully crafted piece of content, it’s time to jazz it up. Making it ‘content rich’ with imagery, videos, infographics, and GIFs helps you to stand out, and it’s great for improving your ranking on Google.

More visuals make your blog posts look more appealing but also keep the reader engaged, increasing the likelihood of them converting or at least taking a look at what other stuff you’ve written. You could also include links to interactive elements such as customer stories, how-to guides, and other landing pages to improve web traffic to these areas of your website and keep customers on your site for longer.

Give readers something to do after reading your blog post

The best way to convert your visitors into leads is to add a call to action at the end of every piece of content you publish. This tells readers exactly what to do and helps increase conversions, turning potential customers into converted ones.

Here’s a couple of CTA ideas…

Offer a resource

Create a post-specific resource (like a content strategy template or landing page design) and offer it as a download in exchange for the reader’s email address. When the resource is post-specific, readers are more likely to engage with the campaign, boosting conversions. You can then continue communicating with readers with personalised content through regular email marketing.

Create a library

Create a library of eBooks and other valuable materials that persuade your visitors into subscribing to your mailing list to increase value. Consider their pain points and create something that will tempt them into giving away their details in return for more content. Add a signup box at the end of your blog et voilà!

Add interactive content

Add a quiz, poll, or another type of interactive element to your blog post to engage your readers further and get some free information from them too!

Need more help with writing content that converts?

Hopefully, these tips have inspired you to test or tweak your content creation strategy to get those all-important conversions.

But if you still need help creating content that’ll put your business on the path to greater success, we can help.

With a team of marketing strategists and creative copywriters behind us, Purpose Media is perfectly placed to assist with any content-related queries.

We understand buyer behaviour and use emotional triggers to pick out the elements of your business that resonate most with your customers. Working with you to understand what’s important, we define your story and how we can communicate it across multiple channels, creating a content marketing strategy that generates leads and is a valuable resource for your customers.

If you are looking to partner with a digital-led content marketing agency to create content that converts every time, we would love to hear from you! Give us a bell or head to our contact page for more information.