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Need a new brand?

A strong brand is more than just a logo. It’s part of your wider marketing strategy.

Successful brands develop an entire visual identity and tie it in with a compelling message to engage and inspire. Only then can you build a brand that encompasses the core values and offers a competitive advantage. The best brands live and breathe their brand guidelines and communicate to their chosen markets.

As your brand development agency, we create a brand experience that your customers buy into. We then support you with the rollout of the brand strategy across your entire company, for an engaging and consistent brand identity.

Mixing creativity with strategic know-how, we know branding strategy performs better when it works as part of your marketing approach. And we’re here to make it happen.

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Why do I need a new brand?

Over time, it’s easy for your brand to slip away from what it once was. With every new piece of collateral, it strays further and further away from the core brand identity. And now you’re left with disjointed brand and marketing assets – it can get confusing.

This leads to confused customers and diminished loyalty, ultimately impacting your sales and missing out on your company goals.

As your creative brand development agency, we help you update and re-align your brand strategy and wider marketing so we can deliver your assets together under one, recognisable image.

We also provide comprehensive brand guidelines to help build your marketing strategy on. They cover everything you need to know about the brand and how to use it. This gives you the confidence to put the new branding into practice across the company, right away.

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why does brand marketing matter?

Improve perception.

You wouldn’t turn up to a meeting in your pyjamas, so why does your brand look tired and unprofessional? Aligning your brand identity with your marketing improves customer perceptions for a great first impression.

Outshine Competitors.

In a sea of businesses all operating in the same industry, what can you do to catch the audience’s attention? A good brand is memorable and engaging, helping your business to stand out from the crowd and beat the competition.

Build Trust.

According to Google, 94% of first impressions are influenced by branding and design. Having an outdated digital brand can look unappealing and impact your reputation, causing potential customers to reconsider. We work in partnership with you to understand your customers and clients and focus on achieving great results.

Increase Conversions.

A brand that looks good is a brand that converts. The way you present yourself to your audience has a massive impact on whether they click through or click away. So, let’s get it right, ey?

Create Consistency.

On average, it takes seven touchpoints to make a sale. So how do you make sure your audience knows it’s you at each and every touchpoint? With a consistent, well-developed brand rolled out across all channels.

Employee Advocacy.

If an employee buys into the brand, they will reflect it in everything they do, boosting brand awareness. Having a clear brand identity helps to give staff a sense of belonging to the brand and the business, all while promoting the company name.

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Our Approach to branding


We’re a branding agency that puts you at the core. We start by getting to know your business and industry. We ask all the right questions to create a brand that looks good, sounds good and resonates with your audience. 


We consider all aspects of your identity to develop a well-rounded creative strategy that reflects the business’ core values. We leave no stone unturned, covering everything from print designs to social media avatars to ensure your brand is consistent across all channels.


Once we’ve agreed on your new creative identity and the strategy we take, we can start to roll it out. We provide you with complete brand guidelines to ensure any assets created are in line with the new brand now and forever.


As part of our delivery, we can help you understand the new brand and creative and gain internal buy-in with strategic brand identity training for a smooth and consistent roll-out.

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starting from scratch

Creating a brand from scratch can be overwhelming, with so many elements to consider. Whether it’s an entirely new company or idea, or you’ve diversified so much in recent years that it’s time to define a difference, it’s difficult to know where to start. Our clients are from a range of backgrounds, and we ensure we provide the right services to them to create a really authentic, customer focussed brand.

You need a helping hand from an experienced, strategic branding agency that focuses on tangible results and over-deliver on quality.

Together we can create a brand identity that engages your audience and inspires new customers from day dot. Setting you up for success, we help you break into the industry with a brand identity that makes you stand out against competitors.

Evolving your brand.

While it’s inevitable that your brand needs an update, you don’t want to lose the essence of your business, along with the reputation you’ve worked hard to build over the years.

We get it. And a new brand doesn’t have to be a complete overhaul. It has to fit into your wider marketing and work for your company objectives.

It’s about finding the right balance between looking good and still looking like your business. Our branding experts work with you to design and evolve the existing brand, giving it a fresh look and feel without washing away the company’s history.


make your brand come to life

designing a brand

A brand identity is how the audience perceives your business.

It goes much deeper than just a logo. A brand flows through every single piece of collateral you use, including your website, social media, sales materials and internal communications. But it’s more than a little bit of design. It’s a foundation to your business and marketing objectives.

Every touchpoint a customer has needs to echo the business values and give a good impression. This helps to improve brand awareness and instil confidence in the audience, ultimately driving conversions. 

We help you to find the right image for your business. Hand-picking the perfect colours, fonts and designs that reflect your core values and set you apart from the competition.  


talking to customers

Looks aren’t everything when it comes to branding. Sure, you need to walk the walk. But you also need to talk the talk.

The way you communicate with your audience is crucial. Your voice is how you’re perceived through online marketing and in print, so you need to use language that mirrors your proposition and value. With that in mind, we dive deep into your business, learning exactly what you do and why you do it. This allows us to unearth the essence of your business and communicate your difference with every single word.  

From brand naming to helping your business re-find its voice in times of business growth, our team of creatives are here to put the words into your mouth. Creating a successful brand is a big responsibility. Often the people we work with know what they want to achieve, but they can’t see how to get there on their own.  

With us, you’re not alone. We’ll be an extension to or a complete outsourced marketing department for your business. As much or as little as you need. We’ve got the people to make your brand come to life. With knowledge across the spectrum of marketing, we can support you to make your brand consistent and engaging to deliver results.

Looking to take the next step with your brand and design? Get in touch with our creative team to find out more!

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Branding Development Agency FAQ's

how can a brand development agency help you?

Big businesses have marketing teams to create brands that are visually appealing, but also ‘speak’ to the people who make a real difference to the bottom line – their customers.
You know your customers better than anyone. So, unlike other branding agencies, we work with you to understand your business and your target audience. This allows us to create an identity that’s both engaging and memorable, while still reflecting the ethos of the company.
With Purpose Media you can access the same huge marketing team that big businesses utilise, giving you the power to attract the right customers and grow.

Can you create a brand from scratch?

Yes! Creating a brand from scratch can be overwhelming, with so many elements to consider. Whether it’s an entirely new company or idea, or you’ve diversified so much in recent years that it’s time to define a difference, it’s difficult to know where to start. Our clients are from a range of backgrounds, and we ensure we provide the right services to them to create a really authentic, customer focussed brand.