What is bespoke website design?

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September 30, 2022
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If you’re looking for a new website that’s custom-made for your business, with support and on-hand maintenance, a bespoke website design could be for you.
Often, these websites are confused with a templated website where you can make changes such as font, colours, imagery, and placement of logos.

However, bespoke websites offer much more than that, having been tailored around your brand, customers, and goals with custom-built code by an experienced web design professional.

Custom vs template website design

When choosing between a custom and a templated website, there are pros and cons dependent on what your website will be used for.

If your business isn’t aiming to increase visitors, only requiring a website for ‘online presence’, a template designed website may be all you need. These websites are cheaper, easier to set-up and need a lot less work, but they are at a higher risk of being hacked, overpopulated with plug-ins, and will be limited in their capabilities.

For businesses that want a website to be an important part of their digital marketing strategy, a bespoke website will be more suited. There are also these three benefits to consider:

  • Flexibility – these websites are more flexible and aren’t restricted when adding new features.
  • Scalability – can be scaled up and down, integrating interaction on your website.
  • Speed – not slowed down by plug-ins like with a templated design.

As these website developments are fully customised, they are not being limited in how they appear, or their responsiveness on different devices. All this assists in improving brand opinion and reputation, while bringing in new clients and converting more visitors.

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Key features of bespoke designed websites

You want your website to be as unique your business, but this is only possible by working with a specialist web development team. Here’s our list of the key features you’ll gain by opting for a bespoke website.

More control

The site can be tailored to exactly match the look, feel and branding that the company is looking for. They can also be amended if the needs of your website change, whereas templated sites are generally more restrictive in comparison.

Better security

These sites will either be custom coded or designed within an existing CMS (Content Management System), but usually with fewer third-party plugins. As such, there will be less redundant and outdated code presenting a security risk.

More updateable

As this site will be built with the client’s exact requirements in mind, bespoke sites can be more easily updated by the end user. Meaning, as new technology rolls out (or the needs of your business change), you’ll be able to expand and have these integrated.

Better UX and customer journey

As the site is built from the ground up, consideration can be given to the user experience (UX) of the site visitor. This can include integrating functions which help end-users get the most from their visit. Equally, if there’s a specific route you wish your target persona to travel down, a custom site can more easily facilitate this.

SEO friendly

Template sites often make it harder to rank, as the content possibilities are more restricted. Bespoke sites offer more potential avenues of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) value.

Site speed

Bespoke websites can be quicker than templates, as there are generally fewer plugins used, and the code is leaner. This will help to keep customers interested, while not risking slowing down sales conversions and aiding user experience and SEO rankings.

Platform integrations

Some businesses will have specific software and platforms already in place, such as CRM or ERP systems. Bespoke websites can be built to ensure there is integration between the site and a given platform, increasing visibility over your online ecosystem.

New technology

Templated sites are often built on earlier versions of software and are only updated periodically. A bespoke site can take advantage of new and upcoming technology, ensuring the site is as future proof as possible.

Unique to the brand

Templated sites are naturally used by many different businesses. As such, the feel of the site can be similar, even if the branding is different. A bespoke site is free from these restrictions, able to be built to represent a brand’s unique design and qualities.


As the code of a bespoke site is often leaner and better optimised, it is easier to scale up a site to include more pages, such as product pages. This will have less of a performance impact than template sites.

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Integrations we can support with

Our dedicated team of web developers and designers can develop several integrations to support your business.

We can create a tailored CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system to manage all your company’s relationships and interactions, for both current and potential customers. It will help you to store, manage, and organise all your valuable customer data.

Alongside your web design, our developers will ensure any integrations look and feel like part of your website.

Here’s some of the integrations we can implement:

  • Custom contact forms
  • Pop-ups CTAs (call to actions)
  • Quote builders
  • Online booking systems
  • Chat functions
  • Client portals
  • Newsfeed integration
  • Social media feed
  • Online payment options

The beauty of a bespoke website is that it’s made entirely for your business needs.

Interested in a bespoke designed website?

If you’re interested in learning about our bespoke website design package, get in touch today.

We at Purpose Media know how to mix originality with technical know-how, designing award-winning, beautiful websites that engage and perform. We can remain on hand to provide support when you need it, with us able to become an outsourced web development team for your business.

Our web design team are also accredited by several partners, such as Google, Bing, and Sage, making them qualified to create an easy-to-use, seamless website, that works for you.