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Looking to make your business more visible online?

Web, Creative, Digital and Video all come together under one roof to drive organic performance online, working collaboratively to meet your business goals, and ultimately make you successful online. You need an SEO agency that proves results – and that’s where we come in.

We’re an SEO agency that focuses on incremental, measurable growth. We write content that blends technical excellence and creative flair to help engage and inspire your audience.


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Why do I need an SEO agency?

We understand that search engine optimisation is a solid foundation to build your website and content on top. We don’t believe there is a ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to our SEO services, that’s why you’ll get a bespoke strategy from our team. We create customised SEO strategies based on your target audience, industry, and expertise to accelerate your online growth. 

By understanding your target market, we can make more of an impact on your SEO strategy – and work with you on a combination of technical, local and national SEO depending on your business needs.

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seo agency services.

ecommerce SEO.

Are you looking to sell more online? Our eCommerce SEO agency specialists can help get your business more sales by focussing on the four pillars of SEO; Authority, Technology, Relevancy & User experience.

technical seo.

We are experts in ensuring your website can be discovered, crawled and indexed by search engines. We continuously review and test new ways to make your website faster and easier for your audience to use and increase your positions in the search results.

Digital PR

Build your website authority and drive your brand awareness. Digital PR is the perfect partner to any SEO strategy - and building up trust as a thought leader is one of the best ways to increase your organic rankings.

local seo.

If you run a local business, we will implement SEO to get you found by customers right on your doorstep. It's a step most businesses miss, but important to position excel locally and nationally.

seo copywriting.

We specialise in creating pages that your customers and search engines will love. We take a strategic approach to content creation that leads to more conversions and better engagement rates.

link building.

High-quality links are a vital part of your SEO agency strategy. We work with you to get the right links in a straightforward, creatively driven way. We get national coverage for our clients, as well as local and trade links too.

seo consultancy & audits.

Our award-winning Digital and SEO team will work with you to benchmark your business and build a top SEO strategy for success and to help you drive traffic. Our experts are on hand to work with you to teach you how to drive results.

mobile seo.

Mobile-first SEO for a mobile-first world. Whether you want to make the most of your mobile traffic or start attracting more - we can help drive organic results for people on the go.

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Our Approach to SEO.


We start by reviewing and auditing your current activity. By carrying out technical audits and content gap analysis with your competitors – we can make data-driven decisions to set us up for success.


By using an extensive kit of SEO tools, we can carry out competitor SEO analysis, keyword research, target audience intent mapping – helping to compile an in-depth SEO strategy that drives results.


Once we have benchmarked your online presence and researched industry trends specific to your sector, we can implement an actionable plan. We will pull together ideas to take your brand awareness to the next level, whether through a more creative, content or technical solution.


SEO is important, but it’s more important to make your marketing work for your business. That means working across specialities to use a multichannel strategy to ensure success. Our SEO teamwork across the agency with other specialist teams including; Paid Media, Digital PR, Design, Web, Social Media, Content Marketing and Copywriting to make sure that everything we do works.


We bring your SEO strategy to life, driving results, and measuring your organic online marketing effectively. We think quick and work quicker – meaning we can drive results for short and long-term goals. SEO is a long term investment, so we make sure that actions we take now, will benefit your business and website down the line. We get your business in the search results – so you can focus on your business.

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Fundamentals of SEO


Ensuring your site is seen as trustworthy in search engines’ eyes is probably the most influential factor in organic performance. If your site isn’t a trusted source of information, it won’t get ranked and won’t get you that organic traffic and more importantly, conversions.

Whether a website is trusted or not is based on various factors, but the main influencing factor is the total of high quality, relevant links to and from your website. This is what determines your website authority. A big part of any SEO strategy is driving these links and benchmarking your performance. A good starting point is carrying out backlink audits, competitors analysis, content gap analysis and disavowing any spam links.

Google now recognises that social and brand mentions contribute to the trust of your website too. So it’s important that any strategy we put together drives trust for your business not only on search engines but across all digital platforms. 

This is where we work collaboratively with our Digital PR, Content Brand, Creative and Social teams to build new campaigns to drive those all-important links and social proof. 



Creating content that is designed for your audience and focussing on driving authority to other pages of your website is the best way to make anything you create relevant for your sector. 

Inspiring your customers through a combination of optimised imagery, engaging copy, optimised internal linking and many other on-page factors. You need a combination of all of these things to drive performance in your sector and make sure your site is fully optimised. 

Our content and copywriters have years of experience and can help you craft great content for any sectors, which is focussed on driving organic performance. We work with you to gain an in-depth understanding of your audience, industry, competitors and trends so that we can create content that resonates with your customers. Understanding organic search intent and what potential customers are looking for is essential to SEO success. 

Once we have that information, we work across our content and copywriting teams to write content that captivates your audience, as well as copy that works for your overarching brand.


The technology you use to show your site on the internet can either have a very positive or hugely detrimental effect on your website. Digital is competitive – so it’s important that the technical ability of your website matches the trust and relevancy too. The technical ability of your website is becoming more and more important with Google algorithm updates happening so regularly. Our technical, web and SEO experts work with you to make sure we start with a technical audit and build upon it. That includes making sure crawlers can access your site, eCommerce and brochure server issues, improving site speed and web migrations – no matter what platform.

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“Purpose Media have been a fantastic agency to work with, helping drive out SEO, PPC and content strategy forward. We work in a very niche and technical sector; yet they’ve been able to create some great, in depth and technically solid content that has really helped boost our organic SEO for a very competitive market. Having worked with several agencies over the last 10 years, I can highly recommend the whole team at Purpose Media. Not only do they deliver solid results, but they’re always happy to help with any queries, are extremely helpful and responsive. On top of that they’re a super friendly and a fun team to work with.”

Ready to take the next step with your SEO strategy?

Our clients have recommended our digital marketing agency and SEO services, so we believe we’re the perfect partner to help you create some award-winning SEO work. If you’d like a free consultation with one of our Digital Agency consultants, please get in touch for a further chat!

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what is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the set of processes and techniques used to increase a website’s position on search engine results pages (SERPs) on sites such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing. We are a content and technical SEO agency that is experienced in creating SEO strategies that drive organic traffic, raise awareness of your business, increase your website visibility and ultimately get you the sales and leads your business needs. We're not your average agency, because everything we do is in house. Giving you complete oversight of a complete strategy, whatever sector you are in.

Starting local or looking to go national? We drive exceptional results for e-commerce or lead generation, B2C and B2B – whatever your goal, an SEO agency like us can help you excel online.

why do I need an SEO agency?

We’re a Nottingham, Derby and London based agency that helps businesses like you, get the results to help you make the most of your online presence. We know it’s a big decision to invest in the right SEO agency, so making sure you pick the right one that works towards your objectives means that you have a long-term, cost-effective marketing strategy.