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Purpose Media’s video team are back behind the camera, working on some stunning video projects.

Following steps and guidelines to ensure the safety of our staff and yours, PM’s video and animation team have been working hard over the past few weeks to update our health and safety procedures to ensure we get the perfect shot and obey the rules.

Here are some of the things we’re doing so that we can continue to capture cracking footage and keep everyone involved safe.

Reduced staff

So that we can adhere to social distance guidelines, we may need to reduce the size of our film crew when out on location.

We may also ask that only essential people are present for filming. This enables us to capture what we need and limit both ours and your exposure.

Safe Sets™ Certified

All members of our video team are now Safe Sets™ Certifed. The training we received on this course means we’re up to date with best practices and COVID-19 safeguards.

The team are Safe Sets certified.

Pre-production prep

Any pre-filming preparation will be done remotely by video call and internet applications. Storyboarding, casting, booking, and editing can all be completed virtually so we will stick to doing this until further notice.

When physical filming is required, we will continue to carry out detailed Risk Assessments for each project. All video team members will be aware of and follow the latest Public Health England guidelines on COVID-19.

Filming and kit

Before and after every shoot, all equipment will be sanitized. However, no one other than authorised team members should touch the filming equipment.

We will account for any additional time that may be required to set up and pack away the filming kit. This will always be done by a member of the PM team and the extra time will help ensure we stick to strict guidelines.

PM’s video team recently filmed a TV advert for client, Hughes Driver Training, all while adhering to social distance guidelines and rules.

Increased hygiene

Our team are always clean, tidy, and presentable – we wouldn’t have it any other way. However, it is now company policy to increase our hygiene measures as much as possible.

All video team members will follow Public Health England guidelines on social distancing (including maintaining a 2-metre distance from others), and hygiene (washing hands with soap and water often for at least 20 seconds).

They will also carry personal hand sanitizer and wear face coverings where appropriate and necessary.

They will travel by car to filming locations and there will be no car sharing.

Video – your most important comms tool

Our updated Health and Safety measures mean that video can be planned, captured, edited, and distributed in line with Government advice. Any updates to our procedures can be found here, we’ll update this blog regularly.

So, now that we’re ready, what can we help you with?

Whether used to update educate, or sell, video production is a powerful communication tool your business can harness both externally and internally.

Ready to get filming? Give us a call.

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