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Boosting revenue for a nationwide roof window and composite products supplier


LB Supplies are leading UK suppliers of roof windows, skylights, roof domes, roof lanterns, flat roof lights, canopies and carports, as well as composite decking, fencing and cladding products.

With daily sales benchmarks to achieve, the company required a strategic marketing agency which could generate revenue through paid advertising.


LB Supplies are renowned for their roof windows, with the products being one of their core offerings. However, based on our understanding of the industry and ongoing relationship with the client, we recognised there was untapped potential for growth within their composite range.

Capitalising on this market opportunity, we leveraged our expertise to re-strategise their Google and Bing Shopping Ads, placing greater emphasis on promoting these products to maximise Return on Ad Spend.

To elevate LB Supplies as a prominent player in the industry, we complemented our efforts with branded asset-focused ads, curated to enhance visibility and brand recognition.

It was essential that we remained agile, adapting our strategies based on stock levels, overall business performance and customer inquiries.

Our paid media experts continuously monitored and adjusted the campaigns to meet the company’s evolving needs, working collaboratively with LB Supplies to optimise performance and drive impactful results.

In January of 2024, we successfully launched and managed the migration of a new website which was designed to improve functionality, aesthetics, user experience and the overall buying journey for customers.

Featuring custom integrations such as a basket builder, which allows customers to liaise with a member of staff to easily create and finalise an order, the new website has proven instrumental in enhancing the PPC performance.


Compared to 2022, the results from the PPC campaigns have been outstanding.

In 2023, there was an 86% increase in revenue from Google and Bing ads and a 10.2% increase in ROAS – an impressive improvement.

Through our work, we also generated 2,826 purchases, all of which contributed to the daily sales target.

We look forward to further strengthening our decade long relationship with LB Supplies and supporting them in their continued growth.

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