Visual Identity

Ensure your visual identity is considered and unique, so you make the right impression to earn your audience’s trust.

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Your visual identity should be distinctive, memorable and a true reflection of who you are. It’s the visual representation of your brand that sets you apart from your competition. A strong visual identity is essential in today’s world where first impressions determine how people feel and talk about your brand.

Projects we’ve worked on

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A cohesive and consistent visual identity, with considered colour palette, typography, imagery and other design elements, creates an engaging and recognisable look and feel. This not only enhances brand recognition, but also projects the right perception.

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Visual identities we’ve created

PM DancingInTheStreet Stationery Image Optimised
PM DancingInTheStreet Brand Image
PM AdamsAviation LogoMarque Image
PM AdamsAviation Advert Image Optimised
PM SleetmoorUnited Stationery Image Optimised
PM SleetmoorUnited Flag Image Optimised

When developing your visual identity, we consider the personality and attributes of your brand to influence the design elements we choose and create. For example, the colours we use can evoke emotions and set the tone for your brand, while typography can convey the mood and personality.

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