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Capturing the essence of a premium health and beauty product into a considered brand to take to market.

The client wanted to launch, package and promote their new liquid collagen drink that has been formulated to support the skin as it’s natural level of collagen decreases during aging. They commissioned the Purpose Media team to support them in developing a sophisticated and visually engaging consumer cosmetic brand, along with packaging and assets that would attract and entice their target audience of women and men into purchasing their product.

Our team collaborated closely with SkinGlo to understand their objectives, target personas and product range, before establishing a name and overarching design concept that would resonate with their audience, and differentiate them from their competition in a crowded marketplace of consumer cosmetic brand and beauty products. This brand name then helped to inform their brand development.

We developed the SkinGlo brand identity, encapsulating the essence of the product and conceiving their desired brand proposition. SkinGlo was able to launch their product with great success, having been armed with their aesthetically appealing packaging and graphic design assets, and have enjoyed steady growth from consumers – whilst growing a loyal base of repeat customers over the intervening period. Following this work and success, the brand has now gone global and launched new skin products.

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SkinGlo Pattern Concepts

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