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Reimagining this ecological team to fit their desired perception as the recognised provider of specialist environmental consultancy.

Brindle and Green was looking for a modern, professional brochure website, which would showcase the benefits of the full range of services they offer. They also wanted to update and refresh their office space to encourage collaboration and create synergy between what they do and the building’s existing characteristics.

Our team reviewed the user journey of the company’s top-level service offerings to recommend a website structure that would maximise enquiries. Following the completion of the brand development work in early 2022, we applied these insights to help us align the company’s office environment with their business vision and values.

We created a professional, responsive brochure website that represented the company’s brand, told a story and highlighted their service offerings. To allow the company to be responsive to seasonality, we ensured further landing pages for specific services could be created as needed. The office was redesigned to create a more collaborative, fresh and stylish space that reflected the company’s evolved and redefined vision, while also enhancing the characteristics of the existing building.

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As we’ve evolved, grown and developed our own maturity as a business, Purpose Media have been amazing at learning and adapting as we have had to: their flexibility, kindness and patience have been key to our success. The team are such lovely people, and such a joy to work with, which has made the whole experience so enjoyable.

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Lucy Sweet
Marketing Manager
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