Animation explained – 8 steps to success.

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October 1, 2020
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Ever scrolled through Instagram or Facebook and found an animation that oozes great design, draw-dropping transitions and impactful messaging that gets straight to the point?

Did it make you wonder; how do I create something like that? Could I do something like this for my own brand? Well (here’s the best bit) you can!

Animation is a simple yet hugely effective way of communicating your message and getting your audience to sit up and listen.

And in this blog, we’re going to run you through the 8 simple steps it takes to create one. The easiest way is to show you:

But if you’d rather have a read, here goes…

Step One – The Brief

We get together, have some coffee, and run through your objectives, your target audience, deadline, and budget – which will influence your script, style frames and the animation style.

Step Two – The Script

Our amazing content team create a script that encapsulates your message and brings your story to life using the power of words! But you’ll always have the opportunity to steer, amend and finally sign off your script.

This is the first big sign off point of the project as once the script is signed off, we will move ahead with the voice over recording.

Step Three – Style frames

Using your brand guidelines and the brief provided, we create some stylishly stunning style frames for you to choose from, showing how your animation could look.

Step Four – Storyboarding

Using the script and the style frame, we match the visuals with the messaging to create a strong visual narrative for the final piece.

Step Five – Voiceover

We find the best voice over artists to match your brand, budget, and tone, choosing someone who fits perfectly against your script and will appeal to your target audience.

Step Six – Animation

With the storyboard and voiceover artist signed off, the magic truly happens! Bringing the style frames to life, animating in time with the voice over and making your scenes full of character including some awesome transitions.

Step Seven – SFX

We add music and sound effects to the animation to make it ear-resistible.

Step Eight – Export

Once you’re happy with how the animation has turned out, we hit that render button and export it to your technical requirements so you can share it to the world!

You get to enjoy a stunning piece of animation and we enjoy its success.

Want to make an animation of your very own?

We hope that this insight into our animation process has helped you understand the method in our madness and perhaps even tempted you into considering creating an animation of your own.

If it has, we’d love to hear from you to see how we could help!

For more tips or an advice-based conference call with one of our animation experts, please get in touch.