Purpose Media Assist in Lockdown Product Launch

We’ve helped one of our clients launch a brand-new product amid the Coronavirus lockdown.

Purpose Media has supported IT managed services and software provider, Retail Assist, in the launch of its latest product, OMIO PIM.

As part of its new product launch campaign, Retail Assist is unveiling its new software online via a series of animated videos made by yours truly.

The animations help demonstrate OMIO PIM’s capabilities, communicating its benefits and product information management process.

At a time when retailers need it most, OMIO PIM is a software to help retailers control product information and its release to market via a centralised system.

Lyon Owen Purpose Medias Animator and Video Editor created most of the animations whilst working from home due to the Coronavirus lockdown. scaled

Lyon Owen, Purpose Media’s Animator and Video Editor, created most of the animations whilst working from home due to the Coronavirus lockdown.

Matt Wheatcroft, Purpose Media’s Managing Director, commented: “Purpose Media is proud to have supported Retail Assist in their successful product launch.

In the current climate, it’s important for businesses to consider the way in which they communicate their message to their audience. Videos and animations are powerful communication tools and can be done with little to no physical interaction, making them an ideal choice, given the circumstances.

We look forward to working with Retail Assist in the future and wish them the best of luck with OMIO PIM.”

Alex Broxson, Retail Assist’s Chief Marketing Officer, said: “It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Purpose Media, they are a great team, and we are incredibly happy with the result. They understood a very technical solution, and they managed to get our message across in an effective animation series.

The team worked on the animations whilst working from home, which is a huge credit to them and their ability. We are thoroughly impressed and thank Purpose Media for their hard work, support, and dedication in the launch of OMIO PIM.

It’s an exciting time for our company as we help customers both new and existing to enable their digital selling strategies and move their business forward. The series of animations are vital in achieving that.”

Check out the first animation in the series below…


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Posted by: Purpose Media
Posted on: 23.06.2020
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