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Disciplines Utilised: Content Design Digital PR Video Web Design SEO

True have been pioneers of commercial refrigeration solutions for more than 70 years. With turnover over $1bn globally and a large market share in the US where it is the go-to refrigerator brand.

Lesser known in the UK, and operating in a much more competitive marketplace, True wanted to increase awareness and engagement. They approached Purpose Media to plan and deliver their UK marketing strategy.

PM were tasked with creating brand messaging for a UK audience and working this into campaigns for engaging customer experiences, with a commercial objective.

The aim was to deliver a multi-channel approach with strategic thinking to grow their UK enquiries and sales among both direct customers, consultants and suppliers.

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Recognising the opportunity to grow their market share, True needed a way to communicate what they were good at, while staying ahead of their competitors and avoiding a narrative driven by price.

From identifying their customers, our work then focussed on building brand awareness and understanding of the problems True solve for a variety of key personas.

To achieve that, True partnered with Purpose Media to:

  • Create a new brand message and communication strategy and establish true as the supplier of ‘a confident kitchen™’
  • Design a fully responsive website to share products and services
  • Increase brand awareness and generate enquiries
  • Create multi-channel campaigns for lead generation and engagement
  • Measure, track and improve marketing delivery
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Our team immersed themselves in the market to understand common problems end users experience, and appreciate how True can solve these problems, ensuring they become the supplier of choice. To reach a high level of understanding research was two-fold, with the client and the end consumer.

The team visited the manufacturing base in the US to understand the level of expertise involved in manufacturing True’s products.

The consulting team at True were also interviewed to understand regular conversations they had with their customers, frequent questions and common problems. We asked the sales team to pitch to us to appreciate their approach.

Our team interviewed chefs, commercial kitchen consultants and commercial equipment suppliers to develop an understanding of the current perception of the brand and of their needs.

In addition, we attended relevant events and secret shopped True and its competitors to understand strengths and weaknesses in the customer journey.


On completing research, we worked on creating messaging and a brand sentiment that would help end users understand how True’s products help them. Persona profiling and audience segmentation was undertaken to adapt messages for the correct audience to achieve the highest impact.

Once the message was finalised the team moved to evolve the brand.

The included an ongoing strategy, developed in partnership with True. Purpose Media act as an integrated marketing department, offering the support of a multi-disciplined team able to respond quickly to the requirements of a fast-paced global brand.

True were able to have a clear roadmap of quarterly activity, complete with targeted outcomes supported by the ability to scale up activity when required.

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True needed to position itself differently from competitors, so its strategy was built around a strapline ‘For a Confident Kitchen™’.

‘For a Confident Kitchen™’ is an aspirational message that focuses on the emotion, rather than the product. It shows that True is not just selling refrigeration, it’s selling confidence in the kitchen through ranges, sizes, reliability, consultation and environmental consideration. No matter the target audience they desire to have confidence in the performance of the kitchen is applicable to all end users, setting True apart from its competitors.

True bought into this message, and following launch trademarked the strapline in the UK, Australia and Dubai.

web development.

True had no UK web presence when our work with them commenced, with users being transferred to a US website with a complex navigation, making it difficult for customers to find the information they needed.

Purpose Media developed a fully responsive UK website, built around their customer journey, to deliver a positive user experience and drive engagement with the brand. The website has been used as a hub for marketing activity, where multi-channel campaigns have pointed users towards the site to drive engagement and conversions.

A second phase of web development has seen the build of a product finder to make it easier for end users to identify, and subsequently order, the refrigeration solution that is right for them.

Contained case study image
Contained case study image

print adverts.

True needed to establish themselves in the real world. We designed and distributed printed materials so that True could physically connect with their customers and build a solid brand image. When circulated at trade shows and exhibitions, print advertorials helped True reach their target audience with direct impact.

direct mail.

To generate engagement and interest before key events and campaigns we created ‘Fresh’, True’s very own newspaper, to share company news, core ranges, industry updates and thought leadership content. As a campaign ‘Fresh’ was sent to key contacts before events and exhibitions to encourage visits to stand spaces and bookings for sales meetings.

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Video content covered trade shows and filming True products in-situ with client testimonials. Film contents supports True in showing their audience how adaptable products are and how they benefit end users. Proven to increase engagement and understanding, video production provided True’s audience with information that explained their ethos and products with clarity, capturing attention and strengthening relationships.

social media.

True needed to leverage social media channels to not only generate more business but also to better connect with their customers, serving them on a higher level. We worked with True to develop a social strategy that plugged the gap between themselves and their customers. From live-tweeting at trade expos, promoting web content and building client relationships, we used social media to help show True as market leaders and increase their brand perception in the UK.

showcasing a project delivery.


digital marketing.

With the UK website acting as a hub for marketing activity the digital marketing team identified key terms for SEO and ensured pages were optimised for search. Keywords also featured within the content strategy to maintain the gradual build of search rankings.

The digital marketing team also took responsibility for creating and delivering paid campaigns for Google and Facebook, utilising the collateral created to build end to end journeys for end users. This approach also used e-mail marketing campaigns.

content strategy.

As well as an effective social and digital strategy, we also worked with True to develop a content strategy to assist in bringing their brand message and strapline to the forefront both online and offline. This included regular blogging to show True as industry leaders, with posts about market trends, kitchen tips, and trade show ‘round ups’. Blogs linked back to product ranges and initiatives to showcase True as a brand that understands the needs of end users

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Regular contact with the team at True ensured we were aware of changes and developments within the organisation and the wider industry, to ensure we could take advantage of any PR opportunities to promote the brand. PR work involved cultivating relationships with industry publications to identify opportunities and supply representatives for quotes when required.

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Implementation of the message, evolved brand and strategic approach across multi-channel campaigns transformed True’s UK presence, both offline and online. The success of the updated approach was noted by True’s European team and adopted across European communications.

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