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Having a good online presence is becoming ever more important for businesses in this digital age.

As the largest social media platforms in the world, Facebook is a can be a great tool for your business. Yet, sometimes the most popular option isn’t the best one.

So, is Facebook worth your time? To help answer this question, we’ve put together the advantages and disadvantages of using Facebook for your business.

The advantages

With 1.86 billion monthly active users, Facebook is a fantastic way of reaching new audiences.

Facebook is great for connecting with your customers on a personal level, giving them a friendlier access point to your business. When customers are friendlier with the business, they are more likely to buy from them, causing you an increase in sales.

The platform is used send out regular updates about your business, which your customers can directly react to and share with their friends. It allows you to spread your reach, increase your traffic and build your customer base.

Facebook is also completely free to use. With a simple and easy set up, it won’t cost your business a penny. By using Facebook as part of their marketing campaign, many companies have also used the platform to achieve an increase in sales and revenue.

The disadvantages

Signing up to Facebook does not guarantee an immediate audience following of your company. Building up your follower base requires a good marketing plan as well as time and energy to devote to the website.

Facebook also needs to be regularly and consistently updated. Without regular updates, your page will look neglected, losing you followers and promoting the wrong impression about your business. Yet, with Facebook’s newsfeed algorithm, there’s also no guarantee that your followers will see your updates.

You also need to ensure that you follow a good marketing strategy with your updates. Without a plan, your updates will be inconsistent and will give off a wrong or confusing message about your business.

Social media tools like Hootsuite can be used to help schedule posts, and cut back some time on sending updates. However, your Facebook page will still need a lot of time and maintenance.

If a customer contacts your business directly through Facebook, they expect a fast response. If you take too long to respond, this may get more difficult to manage and customers could turn towards a competitor.

It’s now easier than ever for customers to leave negative reviews of your business. So, if a customer has a problem or bad experience, they’ll use your page to tell the world. It’s important to spend time monitoring for activity on your page, and ensuring that any problems are resolved as quickly as possible, otherwise potential new customers may turn away based on your reviews.


Facebook is a free platform that can build your online presence, connect with your customers and increase your sales.

The platform is not just a one-time set up. It requires a good social media agency alongside a solid strategy as well as time to maintain and update. If your company doesn’t have the resources available to keep your Facebook updated, consistent and on message, then the platform may damage your businesses reputation and turn away potential customers.

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Posted by Ellie Buckle