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Disciplines Utilised: Content Web Design

Magpies for unique, interesting, and eclectic homeware, After Noah has been sourcing, stocking and restoring furniture since the late 1930’s.

Starting off as a humble restoration workshop, the brand has grown into an Aladdin’s Cave of furniture, gifts, toys and homewares, stocking items ranging from La-Z-Boy sofas to novelty lunchboxes.

After Noah wanted to increase its online presence, bring the in-store experience online, and grow restoration enquiries – an element many customers didn’t realise they still did.

The team approached Purpose Media to deliver their marketing aspirations.

The result has seen the delivery of a digital focused approach with tactical thinking that’s grown After Noah’s opportunities to reach new customers and boost profitable areas of the business.

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After Noah have an incredible store, quite literally a Tardis full of eclectic and individual pieces. They were keen to translate this quirky element of their brand online, bringing the in-store experience alive in web form.

We supported After Noah with the development of a brand-new website to achieve this goal and drive online their presence.

With furniture sales booming, they wanted to focus on other items to increase revenue too, as well as shine a light on their restoration services.

To achieve this, After Noah partnered with Purpose Media to:

  • Design a fully responsive website to share products and services
  • Increase brand awareness and generate enquiries
  • Measure, track and improve marketing delivery
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Our team spent time conducting digital research within the market, to build our understanding of After Noah’s customers, so we could begin to map out their experience online.


On completing research, the team worked to evolve the website. This included completing creative inspiration to find colours, fonts and styles that mirrored the existing After Noah brand. The development of the brand went beyond a visual identity. We included an ongoing digital strategy, developed based on keyword search and bid strategy.

This work went together with the design and build of the After Noah website, ensuring customers could access a clear brand and message online and in the store.

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web design & development.

It was important that the site was slick and design-led, whilst remaining unique. Purpose Media developed an aesthetically pleasing, fully responsive website, built around customer journey, to deliver a positive user experience and drive sales. The website has been used as a hub for buying activity, where multi-channel campaigns have pointed users towards the site to drive engagement and conversions.

A second phase of web dev has seen the development of category landing pages to make it easier for end users to find key products. Pages were accompanied with keyword focused content, mirroring the new After Noah narrative.

digital marketing.

With the website acting as a hub, the digital marketing team identified key terms for SEO an ensured pages were optimised for search.

The digital marketing team also took responsibility for creating and delivering paid campaigns for Google and Facebook, utilising the collateral created to build end to end journeys for end users. This approach also used e-mail marketing campaigns, built around the user experience and directing to specially developed landing pages to allow us to map behaviour and report success.

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Implementation of the website and strategic digital approach has resulted in focused and stronger ROI for After Noah. Conversions and assisted conversions have also improved as well as an increased keyword ranking. Data from campaigns has been captured and analysed to identify success and build effective practices into upcoming plans.

Work with After Noah is ongoing as we collaborate with the team to develop new campaigns and strategies to continue growth.

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