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Dedicated to improving the concrete production industry, one plant at a time, ConSpare is a concrete production specialist, striving to improve safety, quality and productivity.

Widely regarded as the UK’s leading authority on improving the performance of concrete mixers, mixing technology and batch plant processes.

ConSpare wanted to reinforce its position as an industry leader, as well as communicate with people within the sector more often. They approached Purpose Media to deliver their marketing aspirations, starting with an improved web presence, brand and ongoing strategy.

The result has seen the delivery of a multi-channel approach, overall growth and improved business opportunities.

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ConSpare needed to reinforce its position as an industry leader, sharing skills, knowledge and enthusiasm across the industry.

We supported ConSpare with a plan to help them better communicate their services, drive brand awareness and enhance their place within the industry.

To achieve that, ConSpare partnered with Purpose Media to:

  • Design a fully responsive website to share their ethos, case studies and services
  • Increase brand awareness, engagement and generate enquiries
  • Build and drive their ‘Make it Better’ philosophy

Measure, track and improve marketing delivery.

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Our team spent time with the team at ConSpare to understand where they sit in the market and learn their processes. This included undertaking a number of sessions with the ConSpare team to map out their customer journey, pain points and how ConSpare solves the problems faced in the concrete industry.

We then boosted our knowledge by attending industry events and reading industry publications to learn how we could get ConSpare featured, taking time to build key relationships with the people behind the publications.


On completing research, team Purpose worked to create a website that focused on service, experience and offering. Our work with ConSpare went beyond a web project. We included ongoing strategy developed in partnership with the client, helping us to understand the key people they deal with and how we can tailor content to communicate with them better.

Purpose Media now support ConSpare’s marketing, offering the skills of a multi-disciplined team able to respond quickly to the demands of an established business. With the website and supportive marketing complete, ConSpare now have a clear roadmap of quarterly activity, complete with targeted outcomes supported by the ability to scale up activity when required.

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web design.

ConSpare were searching for a website refresh to update their presence and make their brand message clearer. Purpose Media developed a fully responsive website, built around customer journey, to deliver a positive user experience and drive engagement.

We created an updated sitemap to assist with this, while rolling out content changes to help push their updated messaging. The website has been used as a hub of marketing activity, driving engagement and conversions.

video and animation.

Video supports ConSpare in all areas of the business.

PM created an animation to describe the ConSpare process and its dedication to the industry which is used constantly by the ConSpare team. Utilised in meetings, at events, on the website and social media.

Improving the Process


social media.

ConSpare needed to leverage social media channels to not only drive brand awareness but also to better connect with their clients, promoting their offer.

We worked with them to develop a social strategy that assisted in building their client base but also their internal staff. This included supporting them in properly sharing their own content and creating content. From sharing blog posts and case studies, to showcasing work. We used social media to help show ConSpare as industry leaders and increase their brand perception in target areas.

content strategy.

To support an effective social and digital strategy, we also worked with ConSpare to develop a content strategy to assist in increasing their brand awareness.

This includes regular blogging to show ConSpare as industry leaders and case studies to help leverage more work from clients. This keyword driven content helped boost ConSpare in Google search, working towards an awareness, conversion, engagement model.

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Implementation of the strategic approach has transformed ConSpare’s presence. Helping the business to not only win new business, but also consolidate existing relationships, we have assisted in both developing and managing growth.

Work conducted has received praise from the team internally at ConSpare, and data from the website and social media has been captured and analysed to identify success and build effective practices.

ConSpare’s ongoing success has allowed them to grow their internal marketing team to take over some of the practices with Purpose Media has established. Going forward Purpose Media continue to collaborate with the team to offer advice and support as they continue their growth.