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Disciplines Utilised: Content Video

International Alert is an independent international peacebuilding organisation, operating programs around the world to address conflict. Its mission is to build a more peaceful world through dialogue, training, research and policy analysis, advocacy and outreach activities.

International Alert tasked Purpose Media to create a video and social media campaign encouraging a new audience to contact the Foreign Secretary and urge support for peacebuilding as part of UK policy.

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International Alert contacted Purpose Media to undertake a film project to help them raise awareness of their organisation. Traditionally targeting personas with an academic or policy-led background they looked to focus communication on a wider audience to support their latest campaign.

To achieve this Purpose Media visited International Alert’s London Head Quarters to understand more about the organisation and offer a wider level of support to achieve best value from their film project.

Following this we supported International Alert with a plan to help them communicate their mission and values, while targeting a new audience and avoiding a cliched narrative.

To achieve that, International Alert partnered with Purpose Media to:

  • Create an engaging and emotive film
  • Build a social media campaign that reached target personas and engaged them from the offset
  • Increase awareness and generate conversions through paid social advertising
Full width case study image
Full width case study image


Our team spent time to understand the reasons people would choose to take action for an activity that may not directly affect them, and what would motivate audiences to change their behaviour and support an organisation they had not been aware of previously.

We also profiled the ideal advocate for International Alert, to create the opportunity to continue engagement once audiences had achieved the desired outcome.


On completing research, the team looked first to the film. This included research into human behaviour to highlight emotional triggers that would encourage action. Following this we created supporting content for the social media element of the work, mapping out the user journey and ensuring the focus was on driving intent from the target audience to take action.

The campaign went beyond paid social posts that purely drove traffic to the site, our goal was to ensure conversions, not just clicks. We included an ongoing strategy, acting as an extension to the team at International Alert, offering continued support to evolve the campaign and deliver best value.

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Key emotional triggers were identified to include in the narrative for the video content. This was then layered with visuals and an immersive soundscape to help audiences visualise messages within the story and build stress and tension as the film played.

The team utilised research from Hollywood composers and producers to emulate techniques to use in the film, creating the biggest possible impact within International Alert’s budget.

digital marketing.

The campaign was centred around a targeted social media campaign, pushing paid ads to a carefully selected audience. The team created ads that would appeal to the needs of identified personas and were designed to be intuitive, engaging and consistent with the video and International Alert brand guidelines.

A number of posts were created and tested with small budgets to find the most lucrative campaign that delivered the most traffic and conversions. Our team then pushed resource to these ads in order to deliver the best return.

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Linking the campaign across social media channels and using a variety of ads to collect data on what works best, we created the opportunity for International Alert to reach a whole new audience, and inspire this audience to take action.

Over a short period the resulting campaign generated 1979 conversions and served content to over 160k feeds across Twitter and Facebook – setting a precedent for subsequent campaigns.

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“The way Purpose Media approached the project, managing to get people to think about ‘why’ and making it personal to a UK audience, was brilliant.

In terms of the film Purpose found a way to make a modest budget work – creating a visually engaging film without a the investment of hiring talent, crews and filming locations.

Of all the companies we approached Purpose were the only ones who took the time to come up with something really creative and unique to us, and included examples within their proposal so we could visualise what our film would look like.

By linking the film with our social media campaign Purpose produced two versions of the film and clever ideas to cover all bases, the film met all of our objectives and has multiple uses. We’ve used it at events and as part of presentations so it’s been a really useful tool.

Once the film was completed the digital campaign was delivered by a helpful team who supported us with a variety of adverts trialled on test audiences to ensure we achieved the best value.

Mitch and the digital marketing team did a fabulous job throughout the entire campaign. They offered improvements over the initial testing period and we then saw improvements over the whole campaign to get great value for money.

I wouldn’t hesitate working with Purpose Media again if the opportunity arises, and would certainly recommend them for this kind of work.”

Livi De Santos – Senior Digital Engagement Officer