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Marketing Derby are an inward investment agency for Derby and Derbyshire. They provide potential investors with the support and information needed to make the decision to invest in Derby.

Through a tender approval process, Purpose Media were engaged to assist Marketing Derby in increasing their brand awareness via a series of films.

The result has seen the delivery of four different videos and an activation plan to support distribution based on tactical thinking to grow business opportunities.

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Purpose Media met with Marketing Derby to deliver a series of presentations, bidding against competing companies to win the project.

They wanted to increase brand awareness in the Derby area and promote the investments they’ve already procured in order to receive more.

We quickly realised that increasing engagement with the people of Derby wasn’t the right route to take, or the appropriate audience to target. Instead, we focused on the business community.

We created a series of films to help communicate Marketing Derby’s offer, alongside an activation plan to aid distribution.

To achieve that, Marketing Derby partnered with Purpose Media to:

  • Develop a visual style that worked alongside the existing brand and translated into video form
  • Create an activation plan detailing ways to distribute the films, including social snippets, video centric blog posts and a social media plan
  • Storyboard, film and edit four separate films
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Our team spent time with the Marketing Derby leadership team to understand the brand better and find out who their target audience were.

As well as conducting persona research, we looked at what other cities were doing to drive investment, particularly through video work.

This built our understanding of the type of ‘customer’ Marketing Derby wanted to attract, so we could begin to map out their experience and knowledge.


On completing research, the team began to brainstorm ideas, including the development of storyboard narratives, shot ideas and music.

We also worked very closely with the team at Marketing Derby, drawing on their expertise to help fuel our ideas.

The project was split into sections, filming each video in isolation as a mini-project within itself.



The project was a real team effort and saw members from each discipline come together to form a collaborative group, guaranteeing a great result.

Extensive storyboarding and review sessions were organised to ensure that the right places, people, and themes were shown within each video. Marketing Derby were also consulted at every step, to ensure the creative direction fulfilled both their needs and their customers.

The video team filmed at numerous different locations, capturing footage at places ranging from Derby city centre to deep within the Peak District. A variety of Derby-based businesses and bondholders were interviewed and featured, helping promote Marketing Derby and their incredible offer.

content and social media.

Marketing Derby needed to leverage social media channels and their website to not only generate more video views, but also better connect with their target audience.

We worked with Marketing Derby to develop a social strategy and activation plan to help them effectively distribute the different films as well as create content to help communicate to a wider audience.

From social media snippets and blog posts to hashtag libraries and holidays, we provided Marketing Derby with the tools to utilise their website and social media to their advantage, increasing brand perception in target areas.

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Marketing Derby debuted the first film at MIPIM 2019 – the global property fair held in Cannes – a fitting occasion as Marketing Derby was awarded the Best IPA Digital Strategy in the world by the Financial Times fDi Intelligence service during the fair.

As well as notable interest, the films are performing tremendously well on social media within the local business community.

Work with Marketing Derby is ongoing as we collaborate with the team to develop new campaigns and strategies to continue its success.


“Film is an extremely important part of Marketing Derby’s promotional toolkit.

Purpose Media produced a series of four films and, although had different messages and content, they introduced a coordinated style to ensure that the portfolio worked well together and followed our brand guidelines.

Their approach is thoroughly professional – from the initial pitch, through storyboarding, editing and distribution ideas.

We are extremely pleased with the final results and would recommend them for any film requirements.”

John Forkin – Managing Director