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Disciplines Utilised: Brand Content Design

With a team of skilled engineers and relationships with leading manufacturers, Matrix offer tooling solutions, supporting component manufacturers over a spectrum of industries.

With over 25 years’ experience, they were respected within the industry, but their brand didn’t reflect the aspirations of a company pioneering in their sector and moving into new territories. They approached Purpose Media to help them move their brand and business forward.

PM were tasked with looking at the complete business and the way it works, analysing what made Matrix ‘Matrix’ and creating tools to communicate their brand and ethos. This included a complete overhaul of their visual identity, including  a rebrand and development of a new tone of voice.

The overarching goal was to showcase their uniqueness and the advantages working with them brings to customers, helping Matrix to stand out and connect with their audience.

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Recognising that they had come as far as they could on their own, Matrix needed something that would take the business away from their ordinary marketing approach to cut a new path and enable development and growth. Working with the team at Matrix to identify their customers and the core business, our work focussed on building brand awareness and ensuring that the right messages were being communicated.

Matrix partnered with Purpose Media to:

  • Undertake a full re-brand, ensuring that the new visual identity conveyed the core elements of what Matrix were all about and showcased them as industry experts.
  • Supporting the rebrand with a logomark and brand guidelines.
  • Develop their communications, making sure that the right messages were being told.
  • Strategic implementation of the new brand across the business.
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Our team immersed themselves in the market to not only understand the company, but also their customers and the problems they face.

Firstly, the team visited Matrix at their base. We used this time to truly understand the business and how they worked. We ran a Discovery Workshop to map out the story of the business so far, what was holding them back and their vision for the future.

Secondly, we got to know their customers. Understanding their problems, we discovered how Matrix can solve them – and the key reasons, grounded in emotion and logic, that would make them choose Matrix.

We analysed the perception of Matrix in their industry, the sectors they operate and the way that they communicate themselves to others – identifying strengths and weaknesses in their current approach to build a strategy to take them forward.


Matrix initially approached us to create a new website.

But, without looking at their brand we knew a new website wouldn’t drive the change they needed and deliver a return on investment. First, they needed a brand that better conveys what the business is about and how they can solve customer problems.

On top of a complete rebrand, we also adapted their communications strategy to make sure that the right messages are told to the right people. In addition, we’re rolling out the new branding and messaging across the Matrix’s communications while looking at the next steps to help them achieve their goals.

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We completed a complete re-brand for Matrix.

Understanding them and their audience, we pared the business down into its key elements to better communicate and promote the business.

The branding needed to reflect Matrix’s 25-year history and its leading position within the tooling industry.
The previous branding focussed on products. We evolved this and moved the focus to promoting how Matrix use skilled engineers and relationships with leading manufactures to help customers get the right tool for each job and unlock long term savings.

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We adapted their message and way that Matrix communicate, making sure that Matrix really drill down, move away from products and services and promote why they’re best in class.

In addition, we altered their name from ‘Matrix Tooling Services’ to ‘Matrix’, reflecting how they are perceived in the industry and showcasing the company as dynamic and forward-thinking.

We also created the strapline ‘Providing cutting edge’, encapsulating key elements of the business into a simple line that explains their core business and generates engagement.

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Full width case study image


Part of the re-brand for Matrix included designing a new visual identify to replace their dated and over-complicated logo, simplifying it to better represent the company.

The shape of the old logo also made it difficult to use over numerous assets, so a key part of the design process was to improve ease of use. For this, we created a set of brand guidelines to explain and demonstrate the correct way to use the logo.

The brand uses a bold, stand out design, representing Matrix’s leading position. Taking the tools out of the design, the new logo brought the focus back onto the company and their expertise. The sharp lines that make up the ‘M’ also showcased the cutting-edge aspect of the business, which also worked with the strapline ‘providing cutting edge’.

Colours were a key aspect of this design. Because Matrix wanted to showcase British quality and engineering, we choose strong blue and red colours as callouts to the British flag.

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By re-branding Matrix, we helped to shine a spotlight on what they’re good at – providing the path for them to progress.

We’re currently entering the next stage with Matrix, rolling out the new branding across their online and offline assets, including signage, internal branding, website and brochures.

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“The reason we chose Purpose Media was that they listened, made a clear effort to understand our business and the industries we “provide cutting edge” to.

We knew from a very early stage that PM were different from other companies providing similar services and are very excited and delighted with the brand PM have produced for us.

We really look forward to getting our new look to our customers and working with PM on future projects.”

Damian Ward – Marketing Manager