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Disciplines Utilised: Content Design SEO Social Media Video PPC

Established back in 1978, Penny Hydraulics is an award-winning manufacturer of lifting equipment.

While their years of experience has set them a step above the competition, Penny Hydraulics struggled to communicate their offer to their wide customer base.

With lots of markets and personas to target, they approached Purpose Media to help align their marketing message, bringing several business divisions towards the same goal.

The result has seen the delivery of a multi-channel approach, online growth, and improved business opportunities.


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PM were tasked with creating a new tone of voice for Penny Hydraulics to help them communicate their offer.

As well as creating a message that was befitting with the company’s heritage and sector, it was also important that Penny Hydraulics’ new tone conveyed the expertise of engineering excellence of the business. We also worked to improve Penny Hydraulics’ digital presence so they could be found easier online.

The aim was to update their image, helping them to stand out and capture the attention of new customers.

To achieve their aims, Penny Hydraulics partnered with Purpose Media to:

  • Create a new brand message and communication strategy for internal and external use
  • Increase brand awareness and generate enquiries through SEO and digital marketing
  • Revamp their tone of voice messaging to emit a confident, reassuring vibe
  • Revaluate social media usage and content to ensure posts targeted correct personas
  • Showcase skills and experience
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Our team spent time with Penny Hydraulics to understand where they sit in the market and learn their processes. This included undertaking several sessions to map out their customer journey, target audiences, pain points, and how Penny Hydraulics solves the problems faced in their industry.

After the sessions, it was decided we needed to focus on digital enquires and capturing potential customers earlier in the buying cycle as opposed to at the conversion stage.

Our content team also looked over Penny Hydraulics’ current tone of voice messaging with a fine-tooth comb, identifying the key selling points that best communicated Penny Hydraulics’ values to the customer.


On completing research, team Purpose started working on a new brand message and narrative for Penny Hydraulics helping them to better communicate with customers. We also identified that Penny Hydraulics’ digital portfolio needed elevation to target personas across a variety of channels, with a focus on organic search, SEO, and technical site health work. We also worked to improve existing search performance.

Purpose Media now support Penny Hydraulics’ marketing team, offering the skills of a multi-disciplined unit able to respond quickly to the demands of an established business. Penny Hydraulics now have a clear roadmap of quarterly activity, complete with targeted outcomes supported by the ability to scale up activity when required.

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Understanding what makes a company tick helps customers and clients relate to businesses and intelligent messaging communicates these values.

Our content team wrote a new brand message ready to be applied to Penny Hydraulics’ internal and external marketing, based on the needs of target audiences. The new message helps illustrate the outcome of working with Penny Hydraulics and to demonstrate their engineering expertise. It is an aspirational message that sums up Penny Hydraulics’ offering.

video & photography.

Written case studies were accompanied by video testimonial and case study films to showcase what Penny Hydraulics do and deliver key marketing messages to target personas, encouraging them to consider working with Penny Hydraulics.

The films are utilised in meetings, at events, on the website, and social media.
Photography has also supported Penny Hydraulics in their marketing strategy. Purpose Media has taken and supplied a bank of imagery for use in promotional materials.

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digital marketing.

With Penny Hydraulics’ website acting as a hub for marketing activity the digital marketing team identified key terms for SEO and ensured pages were optimised for search. Work conducted helped to elevate Penny Hydraulics on organic search.

Plans to create new web page layouts, a new sitemap, and a proposal to align all digital efforts with target personas have led to the creation of a new website that will be part of Penny Hydraulics' future marketing focus.

social media.

Penny Hydraulics needed to leverage social media channels to not only drive brand awareness but also to better connect with their clients, promoting their offer.

We worked with them to develop a social strategy that assisted in building their client base but also their internal staff. From sharing blog posts and case studies to showcasing work. We used social media to help show Penny Hydraulics as industry leaders and increase their brand perception in target areas.

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To help Penny Hydraulics stand out from the crowd at major trade shows, Purpose Media designed a variety of sales materials to set Penny a step above the rest.

Roller banner stands were created to ensure they make a dramatic impact at exhibitions, featuring key messages and dramatic photography, the banners help Penny advertise their services wherever they go, thanks to the portable nature.

Flyers and other promotional collateral were also created, assisting Penny Hydraulics in sales pitches and more. The new collateral helps convey the expertise and engineering excellence of the business.


Implementation of the multi-channel strategy has helped Penny Hydraulics to not only win new business but also consolidate existing relationships.

Penny Hydraulics has received an increase in organic web traffic and an improved presence on social media. Marketing efforts have also provided a 78% increase in online enquiries.

Work conducted has received praise from the team internally at Penny Hydraulics, and data from current marketing activities is constantly being captured and analysed to identify success and build effective practices into upcoming plans.

Work with Penny Hydraulics is ongoing as we collaborate with the team to develop new campaigns and strategies to continue their growth.