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Disciplines Utilised: Brand Design Web Design SEO PPC

With almost 30 practices across the UK Perfect Smile offer dental and aesthetic treatments for clients from London to Liverpool.

Perfect Smile wanted to change their perception, increase awareness of their offer and engagement with their brand. They approached Purpose Media deliver their marketing aspirations, starting with a new brand identity, web presence and ongoing strategy.

The result has seen the delivery of a multi-channel approach with tactical thinking that has grown their opportunities to reach new customers and boost profitable areas of the business.

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Perfect Smile needed to position itself differently from competitors, so its strategy was built around highlighting their professionalism, ability for sourcing services that boost the confidence of their customers and reflecting success stories that address they key problems people have when they’re looking for a dentist or cosmetic treatment.

We quickly realised Perfect Smile weren’t just keeping people healthy by looking after their teeth, they were also boosting their self-confidence and well-being by understanding their needs and offering them the right care.

We supported Perfect Smile with a plan to help them communicate their core products and services, while staying ahead of their competitors and avoiding a price-driven narrative.

To achieve that, Perfect Smile partnered with Purpose Media to:

  • Create a new brand identity to establish Perfect Smile as a dentist that understand the importance of feeling good.
  • Design a fully responsive website to share products and services
  • Increase brand awareness and generate enquiries
  • Create multi-channel campaigns for lead generation and engagement
  • Measure, track and improve marketing delivery
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Our team spent time with the Perfect Smile leadership team to understand common problems end patient experiences, and appreciate how Perfect Smile can solve these problems, ensuring they become the supplier of choice.

Clinical teams at Perfect Smile were also consulted to understand frequent questions and common problems clients pose. This built our understanding of their customer, so we could begin to map out their experience offline and online.


On completing research, the team moved to evolve the brand. This included completing creative inspiration to find colours, fonts and styles that would mirror the brand and reflect the right perception.

The development of the brand went beyond a visual identity. We included an ongoing strategy, developed in partnership with Perfect Smile. Purpose Media now act as an extension to their marketing department, offering the support of a multi-disciplined team able to respond quickly to the demands of a growing business.

This work went together with the design and build of the Perfect Smile website, ensuring patients could access a clear brand and message online and in the practice. With the website and brand completed Perfect Smile now have a clear roadmap of quarterly activity, complete with targeted outcomes supported by the ability to scale up activity when required.

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Highlighting their professionalism, care and premium product offering we created a new visual identity and supporting brand guidelines to roll out across the new collateral we created for Perfect Smile.

This process included the creation of a bold ‘smile’ icon to sit with the logo, simplifying the brand and moving away from cartoonish motifs that weren’t illustrative of the professional offer delivered by practitioners.

Development of the new visual identity ran in parallel with the design of the Perfect Smile website, allowing our creative team to work in collaboration on both projects and ensure consistency.

web development.

Perfect Smile had an aging web presence when our work with them commenced, it wasn’t mobile friendly and had a complex navigation for users, making it difficult for customers to find the information they needed. The content management system (CMS) was also confusing and inflexible, making it hard for the team at Perfect Smile to add and adapt changes and update their content.

Purpose Media developed a fully responsive website, built around their customer journey, to deliver a positive user experience and drive engagement with the brand. The website has been used as a hub for marketing activity, where multi-channel campaigns have pointed users towards the site to drive engagement and conversions.

A second phase of web development has seen the build of customisable campaign landing pages to make it easier for end users to find key information, and subsequently book, the solution that is right for them.

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content strategy.

To support an effective social and digital strategy, we also worked with Perfect Smile to develop a content strategy to assist in increasing their brand awareness, especially through search.

This includes regular blogging to show Perfect Smile as industry leaders, with posts about treatment trends, dental tips, and treatment comparisons. Blogs link back to relevant treatments or further supporting content to showcase Perfect Smile as a brand that understands their patients.


Video supports Perfect Smile in showing their audience how their staff are professional and approachable, and how the treatments they offer help people to boost their confidence and well-being.

Proven to increase engagement and understanding, video production provided Perfect Smile’s audience with information that explained their service and treatments with clarity, capturing attention and boosting calls to action.

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social media.

Perfect Smile needed to leverage social media channels to not only generate more appointments but also to better connect with their customers, promoting a range of services where customers may only be familiar with one area.

We worked with Perfect Smile to develop a social strategy that bridges the gap between their practices and their customers. This included supporting them in properly sharing their own content and creating content to help communicate to a wider audience. From count-downs to promotions, sharing case studies and showcasing treatments, we used social media to help show Perfect Smile as suppliers of excellence and increase their brand perception in target areas.

digital marketing.

With the website acting as a hub for marketing activity the digital marketing team identified key terms for SEO and ensured pages were optimised for search. Keywords also featured within the content strategy to maintain the gradual build of search rankings.

The digital marketing team also took responsibility for creating and delivering paid campaigns for Google and Facebook, utilising the collateral created to build end to end journeys for end users. This approach also used e-mail marketing campaigns, build around the user experience and directing to specially developed landing pages to allow us to map behaviour and report success.

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Implementation of the brand and strategic approach across multi-channel campaigns has transformed Perfect Smile’s presence.

Assets developed have received praise from the team internally at Perfect Smile, and data from campaigns has been captured and analysed to identify success and build effective practices into upcoming plans.

Work with Perfect Smile is ongoing as we collaborate with the team to develop new campaigns and strategies to continue their amazing growth.

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Before working with Purpose our marketing was ad-hoc and inconsistent, we were spending but couldn’t see what worked or where we got a return. Purpose Media were recommended to us for their knowledge on digital marketing, from meeting them it was clear we required support in other areas.

They helped us to understand what needed to change, what we should prioritise and how to go about rolling it out.

We went from an out-of-date brand to something that represents us and what we’re all about. We’ve got a great-looking website with blogs, adwords and landing pages that bring us traffic and enquiries, and a forward plan that clearly shows what we’ll be doing and how this will help us to meet our objectives.

The team at Purpose listen to our ideas, give us a breakdown of what’s worked, and provide well thought out plans for the future.

They come up with ideas to help us reach our goals, and we can see the results. We feel like they’re part of Perfect Smile and it’s great to work with them.

Palvesh Patel (ACA)
Managing Director