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Disciplines Utilised: Animation & Video Content

Retail Assist has been providing future-proofed IT solutions for the retail industry for over 20 years.

They approached Purpose Media to help launch their latest product, OMIO PIM. This innovative software allows online retailers to manage product information across all their stockists from one place.

For those in the retail industry, OMIO PIM helps them to be organised and keep track of their stock, even when it’s dispersed across the internet. But with innovative ideas comes with complexity, something that’s difficult to translate with ease.

Struggling to communicate what OMIO PIM does at its core, Retail Assist asked the PM team to create animations that explain the features and benefits of the software to their key audiences in a clear and simple way.

The result has seen the production of a series of animations to explain the ins and outs of OMIO PIM in a memorable and easy to understand way, increasing Retail Assist’s brand awareness and securing new clients.

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In order to communicate the features and benefits of OMIO PIM, we needed to create a suite of animations that explained the advanced capabilities of the software without overwhelming the viewer with information.

To make this project a success, we needed to:

  • Create a text storyboard that made the complex product easy to understand for those with little to no technical background.
  • Use and expand on existing visual assets to create engaging animations that showcase the features and benefits of OMIO PIM.

Format the animations so they could be easily distributed across marketing communications, including social media.

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Working with Retail Assist, we agreed the animation should be split into a series of shorter, easy to digest animations that explained the technical features of the product as well as a sales film to use on the landing page.

We blended Retail Assist’s existing brand assets with the ideas we had following market research and added our own style to create an engaging animation that looked good and served its purpose.

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The first challenge was to make the complex product information easy to understand by all of the target audience.

Existing content was geared towards personas with a technical understanding of the software, however, this alienated those who did not understand the technical side.

As a result, we created a voiceover that explained OMIO PIM in a simple and easy to digest way while following Retail Assist’s tone of voice.

video & animation.

Following our inspiration brainstorm, we were able to create a suite of animations that explained every step of the process in bite-sized chunks.

Each animation used visual and voiceover elements to help the audience relate to the problems faced by many in the industry and understand how OMIO PIM solves them.

The animated conceptualisation of the software helps viewers to visualise it and gain a deeper understanding of its advanced capabilities without using technical jargon.

Once signed off, the animations were sized and exported for each social channel used by Retail Assist for optimum engagement.

the finished product.



Following the launch of OMIO PIM, the animations have been used across Retail Assist’s social media channels and the OMIO PIM website to generate interest and assist in the sales process.

With our help, Retail Assist were able to launch OMIO PIM in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. Since then, OMIO PIM has been adopted by popular online retailers including Whistles and Mint Velvet.

client feedback.

“It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Purpose Media, they are a great team, and we are incredibly happy with the result. They understood a very technical solution, and they managed to get our message across in an effective animation series.

The team worked on the animations whilst working from home, which is a huge credit to them and their ability. We are thoroughly impressed and thank Purpose Media for their hard work, support, and dedication in the launch of OMIO PIM.

It’s an exciting time for our company as we help customers both new and existing to enable their digital selling strategies and move their business forward. The series of animations are vital in achieving that.”

Alex Broxson, Retail Assist’s Chief Marketing Officer.