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Disciplines Utilised: Brand Content Design

Established back in 1858, G. Wathall and Son Ltd are a 6th generation funeral directing business with five branches across Derby and surrounding areas.

While their extensive experience has set them apart, they were keen to give their brand a fresh, new look to strengthen their identity.

Even companies that do great business can become less visible if their branding isn’t on-point, whereas an evolving established brand brings a renewed level of trust. They approached Purpose Media to design and deliver a new brand identity.

The new brand needed to befit the company’s heritage and sector, while also radiating the quality they’re known for. To achieve this, it was important that the brand didn’t come across as too premium or inaccessible, retaining a reassuring tone that shows they care.

The aim was to update their image, helping them to maintain their presence and solidify the sentiment of the brand.

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Recognising the opportunity to evolve their perception, Wathall’s new branding needed to communicate the evolution the company has gone through, whilst delivering a new visual identity.

To achieve that, Wathall’s partnered with Purpose Media to:

  • Create a new brand message to establish Wathall’s as the most trusted and experienced funeral directors in Derbyshire.
  • Design a new set of brand guidelines to be implemented across a range of media.
  • Increase brand awareness.
  • Revamp their tone of voice to emit the care and quality Wathall’s deliver.
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Before starting the project, our team researched the market to understand Wathall’s, putting their customers at the heart of the project, to create branding tailored to them.

The team met with the client to get to know them and the brand better. With 160 years to encapsulate in one design, we needed to create something that reflected their company and values.

We researched the connotations of colours and themes to create various mood boards. Studies show that the relationship between brands and colour hinges on the perceived appropriateness of the palette, so it was important to choose the right colour for a funeral director.

Our content team also looked over Wathalls’ current tone of voice, identifying the key points that best communicated Wathall’s values to the customer.


Using our findings, we mocked up a wide variety of brand styles to compare and choose from, finally reaching the final design with help from the client and focus groups.

We also created new brand messaging that placed their customers at the centre of what they do.

Once complete, we helped create a plan implement the branding onto Wathall’s online and offline resources, so they could transition their brand while continuing to serve as one of the county’s best funeral directors.

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Our design team took the lead on this project, creating Wathall’s a new set of brand assets to be rolled out over time.

As colour plays such a key role in how a brand is perceived, we carefully considered a colour palette that conveys warmth, love, safety and solidarity. When used alongside generous whitespace, the colours emulate openness and trust.

With the new brand colours chosen, the team designed the logo, which anchors the history and heritage of Wathall’s. The new logo utilises the strong brand initial to create a memorable mark that bolsters and accentuates their old logo to create a striking and contemporary update.

We decided to design the logo as a crest as it suggests tradition, solidarity and longevity – all things that accurately represent Wathall’s. This design approach conveys the story of the brand in one iconic, simple, and self-contained mark with an air of classic authenticity.

The logo was followed by a new typography set. We took an existing typeface, Mrs Eaves XL, and customised it, allowing us to enhance and refine the font. We personalised the ‘W’, ‘a’ and ‘t’ letterforms to bring consistency to the logotype as well as making it appear ‘warmer’. By doing so, we increased the approachability and friendliness of the base font to ensure a solid and trustworthy mark that conveys the history and values behind the brand.

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Understanding what makes a company tick helps customers and clients relate to businesses.  Intelligent branding communicates these values.

With a strong new visual identity, they needed content to help filter across their communication channels. Our content team wrote new brand messaging ready to be applied to their existing communication, filtering appropriate SEO terms throughout to help Wathall’s bring in new custom.

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The assets we’ve developed have helped give Wathall’s a new, modern look, whilst their heritage, care and quality of service is communicated clearly through style, colour, tone and supporting messaging.

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“The brand Purpose Media created for us has been really well received. We wanted something that reflected our values and the care we give to our customers, the team at PM really listened to us to understand us and what we’re all about and they used this to create a brand that we’ll be able to use for years to come.

The support we’ve had form Purpose before, during and after the process was fantastic – design is out of our comfort zone and so they took the time to explain elements to us so we felt completely supported and in control. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking to create or improve their brand, we’ve felt as though they’re on our side and part of our team.”

Helen Wathall – Managing Director