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Disciplines Utilised: Content Design Video Web Design

Whitemeadow Furniture are one of Britain’s leading upholstery manufacturers supplying many of the UK’s Blue-Chip High-Street names and Premium Independent Retailers.

Whitemeadow wanted to overhaul their technical presence, creating ease and functionality for both their staff and customers. They approached Purpose Media to deliver these aspirations, starting with a log-in portal for clients, a staff intranet and an ongoing strategy to improve brand awareness.

The result has seen the delivery of a multi-channel approach with tactical thinking that has grown the opportunities for Whitemeadow to reach new customers and boost profitable areas of the business.

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Whitemeadow needed to streamline their internal services to alleviate internal pressures.

We supported Whitemeadow with the creation of a log-in portal for customers and clients, helping communicate their core products and after sales support, while producing a private network for staff to receive company updates.

We quickly realised that a front facing site would also be beneficial for the company, helping generate sign ups, increase brand awareness and manage new enquires with ease.

Whitemeadow partnered with Purpose Media to:

  • Create a platform for Whitemeadow customers to access product updates, fabrics and support
  • Design a front-facing website to increase brand awareness
  • Showcase Whitemeadow at their biggest trade shows
  • Create multi-channel campaigns for lead generation and engagement
  • Measure, track and improve marketing delivery
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Our team spent time with the Whitemeadow leadership team to understand common problems end users experience and appreciate how we could work to solve these problems, ensuring they become the supplier of choice.

We attended events with Whitemeadow to reach a better understanding of their offer, brand and customers. This was paired with careful monitoring of competitors and research into existing assets.

Research built our understanding of their customer, so we could begin to map out their experience offline and online.


After the research stage, we looked to understand what Whitemeadow needed to do to offer a better service to their customers, and showcase products to potential new trade customers.

The development of the websites went beyond customer journeys. We included an ongoing strategy, developed in partnership with Whitemeadow. Purpose Media now act as an extension to their marketing department, offering the support of a multi-disciplined team able to respond quickly to the demands of a growing business.

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web development.

Purpose Media developed a fully responsive portal, built around their customer journey, to deliver a positive user experience, drive sales and ease internal pressures. The website has been used as a hub for customer activity, where they can access aftersales support, order products, check status’, request fabrics and more.

An internal network for staff was also created, helping forces to communicate, keep updated and access work. And a second phase of web development has seen the front facing site become more user-focused, helping generate sign-ups and trade brand awareness.


Video supports Whitemeadow in showing their audience how their processes work and behind the scenes footage at various furniture shows and exhibitions, revealing new products and trends.

Proven to increase engagement and understanding, video production provided Whitemeadow’s audience with information about their products and brand, capturing attention and boosting conversions.

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exhibition attendance and collateral support.

We designed collateral assets to help showcase Whitemeadow’s attendance at some of their biggest exhibitions, increasing new business and brand awareness. Alongside this, we attended these exhibitions and events with Whitemeadow to gain a greater understanding of their market and customer base.


To support an effective digital strategy, we also worked with Whitemeadow to assist in increasing their brand engagement with regular e-shots, blog pieces and content to support knowledge sharing and establishing Whitemeadow as leaders in their industry. This content gives Whitemeadow regular contact with customers, sharing relevant information, industry updates and exclusive releases.

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Implementation of the strategic approach has transformed Whitemeadow’s online traffic.

Assets developed have received praise from the team internally at Whitemeadow and organic traffic has seen a huge increase, as has the amount of fabric requests.

The work we are conducting is continuing to make the lives of the Whitemeadow team easier, easing pressure and streamlining their process.

Work with Whitemeadow is ongoing as we collaborate with the team to develop new campaigns and strategies to continue their amazing growth.

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“Purpose Media have proved to be a fantastic partner for us, so much so that we regard them as part of our internal Marketing Team rather than an external third party.

They have immersed themselves in Whitemeadow and now thoroughly understand the ethos, values of the brand, plus our manufacturing processes, which means they can not only help us with projects when requested but are proactive in suggesting improvements and new developments.

We look forward to working with Purpose Media for a long time to come”.

Zehra Gezer – Marketing Manager